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March 3, 2009 // 7:15 am - Today ps3mediaserver has updated his Java Upnp Media Server dedicated to the PS3 to version 1.10.1. To quote:

Some time has passed since the last version, so here's a major one! Hopefully, it offers some interesting features to all ps3 owners running on Windows or Linux, like the DTS streaming support (no need anymore to encode in AC3 or PCM if you have a DTS compatible receiver), an improved Mencoder engine with automatic decision between muxing (aka no video encoding) and full video transcoding.

Download: PS3 Media Server v1.10.1 (Windows) / PS3 Media Server v1.10.1 (Linux) / PS3 Media Server v1.10 (Mac OSX)

About the DTS feature, make sure to read carefully the message box who will appear if you enable this option. Also, the automatic muxing option is enabled by default, to offer the best video quality when this is possible (if the video track is compatible and no subtitles are involved).

Keep in mind that it's a new feature, so if anything bad happens, you can disable it in the mencoder configuration panel (or in the #Video Settings# virtual menu on XMB). There's other things to try, check the changelog!

Here's the changelog:

- Changes / Features : Windows/Linux

• DTS / DTS-HD core audio tracks are now streamable without reencoding (DVD ISOs not supported yet)
• New Option: unification of Mencoder/tsMuxer engines, including:
• Automatic choice between H264 muxing or transcoding, based on AVC Level 4.1 compatibility and subtitles configuration
• Remux on the fly any H264 content from MOV, MP4, and AVI containers (ex: Apple HD Trailers)
• This option is enabled by default and can be disabled via the #Video Settings# virtual menu if anything goes wrong
• TS/M2TS support improvement
• 2 channels downmixing support with PCM conversion

- Changes / Features : All Platforms

• XBox 360 unofficial support (Pictures/Music/Videos : WMV8/WMA2 transcoding)
• Mencoder archive handling (no seeking support)
• Simplified copy (always available, no more option), and much faster with remuxed videos
• Alternate subtitles directory
• Multi language external subtitles support
• Alternate cover art folder and .jpg additional support (along existing ..cover.jpg)
• Automatic album art download from amazon or discogs
• Option to display more recents file first in a directory
• Ability to generate video thumbnails with Mplayer
• New translations: Romanian (thanks to Marinescu Alexandru Cezar), Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese (thanks to KK Tong)
• Updated translations: Finnish, German, Greek, Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

- Fixes

• Reworked RSS parsing (youtube playlists)
• Reworked Audio/Subtitles tracks handling
• Better stability in LPCM and DTS handling
• Fixed LPCM channel ordering
• Wrong font detection on some systems: subtitles weren't loaded
• Fixed tsMuxer crash at the end of file
• Modified UPNP discovery

PS3 Media Server v1.10.1 Update Now Available!

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#11 - an33 - March 6, 2009 // 2:30 pm
an33's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SooksVI View Post
How does this work on the 360? Do I have to have an ethernet cable plugged in from my router?

For the 360 support to work you just need to make sure you got the latest version of PS3 Media Server(this threads topic)
You need to be connected to the same network, doesn't matter if you're connected through wifi or by cable. (Allthough I recommend cable for hd streaming)

Shouldn't be any problem at all, but if you do experience some problems and if you have two networking protocols(ex. 1 ethernet, 1 wifi), try forcing/choosing the one that connects your PC or MAC to the network, by clicking on "General Configuration" tab then change the, under "Network Setting..." "Force networking on interface", -dropdown menu to the protocol which is connected to your router.

If everything checks out okay, on the first tab, the "Status" tab you should see an xbox 360 picture.

In your Xbox360 go to My Xbox > Video Library, you should see a new option; "PS3 Media Server [your cpu name]". Just hit that and you should be able to browse through your shared folders.

BTW. You can also access the "Video Library" by pressing the "xbox-button" and go to "Media" and select "Video Library"

Hope that helps you, once you go "PS3 Media Server" -you never go back!

#10 - nelak - March 6, 2009 // 1:36 pm
nelak's Avatar
I used to use Tversity but this one kicks ass! and it also supports subtitles.

It really rocks to see anime with my PS3

#9 - darksyde - March 5, 2009 // 1:50 pm
darksyde's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by icon View Post
Another feature that has been expanded upon is the browsing of rar/zip files so now you can play video files straight from the archives so no need to unpack anymore.

Wow, this was the only feature i thought was missing from this media server. I will definitely download this new version and try it out.

In case anyone is interested, i recorded some TV through my PC tuner card in .TS format and the media server seemed to stream and play it on the PS3 without any issue.

#8 - Reflecter - March 5, 2009 // 7:42 am
Reflecter's Avatar
Thanks for this nice app. Its very good. No more copy movies on a flash drive.

#7 - Ninjazin - March 5, 2009 // 7:34 am
Ninjazin's Avatar
undoubtely the best app, two thumbs up!! Keep it up guys!!

#6 - SooksVI - March 4, 2009 // 3:16 pm
SooksVI's Avatar
How does this work on the 360? Do I have to have an ethernet cable plugged in from my router?

#5 - icon - March 4, 2009 // 2:21 am
icon's Avatar
Another feature that has been expanded upon is the browsing of rar/zip files so now you can play video files straight from the archives so no need to unpack anymore.

#4 - MMcCraryNJ - March 4, 2009 // 1:39 am
MMcCraryNJ's Avatar
I highly recommend this program. While not as easy to setup as TVersity, it seems to work better. I'm on a gigabit LAN and can transcode/stream 1080p 5.1 content without a hitch and without fooling around with much settings. TVersity seems to either not take advantage of the additional bandwidth of gigabit speeds, or just sucks in general.

#3 - zoned - March 3, 2009 // 10:55 pm
zoned's Avatar
its good to see new features are still being added to this excellent program.

#2 - an33 - March 3, 2009 // 10:13 pm
an33's Avatar
XBox 360 unofficial support

Note the xbox 360 support! I tried it with my 360 and it works almost as simple and great as it does with my ps3.
The only problem I had was when transcoding audio mp3 files alone. Which is strange seeing how it transcodes and decodes the mp3 audio tracks of xvid files good. Perhaps it has something to do with how NXE handles "Audio files", or perhaps the audio transcoder just need some fine tuning. But the video transcoding works as excellent on the 360 as it does on the ps3.

With this update my favorite Media Server just got even better.