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January 28, 2009 // 12:10 am - Just under a week ago the Final Fantasy XIII countdown timers were first announced, and now thanks to the official Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Web site we have an idea of what to expect when the countdown timers finish.

While the North American and European countdowns were shrouded in mystery, the Japanese site isn't nearly as vague.

The countdown (which ends at the same time as the other two) points directly to the "trailers" section of the Web site.

So, expect to see at least one trailer once the countdown ends today!

We expect it'll be the one shown in the Closed Mega Theatre at Tokyo Game Show last year, but hopefully there'll be something new in there too. Who knows, maybe we'll even see some gameplay footage.

Final Fantasy XIII Countdown to Unveil New Trailer for PS3

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#11 - Lothar240 - February 5, 2009 // 3:24 pm
Lothar240's Avatar
looks promising indeed

#10 - helli3yte - February 5, 2009 // 2:44 pm
helli3yte's Avatar
cant wait till next year when we get the game!

#9 - st0n3dps3 - February 4, 2009 // 2:35 am
st0n3dps3's Avatar
amen. the countdown was long enough

#8 - madmanbrett22 - February 2, 2009 // 9:40 pm
madmanbrett22's Avatar
dude I am stoked!!! I live for FF and have been in serious withdrawal since finishing 12.

#7 - shalina - January 29, 2009 // 11:46 pm
shalina's Avatar
hmm a bit too much cutscenes but hey, also bit gameplay in the trailer

#6 - Raminhos - January 29, 2009 // 10:13 pm
Raminhos's Avatar
The trailer was awesome, but what i liked the most was the gameplay waiting for it hehe.

#5 - PS4 News - January 29, 2009 // 5:08 am
PS4 News's Avatar
The countdown has indeed ended, and the new trailer is available here:


#4 - ernvil - January 29, 2009 // 3:30 am
ernvil's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CRODD View Post
is Final fantasy really a good game?

I always knew about it, but never really got around to playing it.

AHahah it's awesome buddy!

Its a definite must have if you have a ps3

#3 - CRODD - January 28, 2009 // 11:52 pm
CRODD's Avatar
is Final fantasy really a good game?

I always knew about it, but never really got around to playing it.

#2 - xhugox - January 28, 2009 // 7:21 pm
xhugox's Avatar
It looks awesome. I want to play it, now!

I think the gameplay will be very similar to the FFX one and they are progressing pretty fast, when I checked 2 weeks ago they just showed 1 character, no trailer, nothing at all.

Now they have a trailer with gamplay scenes in it.