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January 29, 2010 // 10:32 am - Fixstars CodecSys CE-10 H.264 software encoder for PS3 was updated to v1.3.0.0 last month, which offers stunning H.264 encoding speeds for home users.

The previous update was quite some time ago, and the following features are now included in the latest version for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system:

CodecSys Version Features:

Improved Picture Quality
• Added support for Open GOP.
• Improved rate control method. 
New Features
• Added support for custom matrix setting. 
• A different matrix can be applied per frame. 
• FLAT16 and JVT will be selectable as preset. 
• Revised the encode setting dialog. 
• Optimized speed of color matrix conversion. 
• Changed the communication module to native code. 

• And more small resolves. 

CodecSys CE-10 H.264 Software Encoder v1.3.0.0 for PS3 Arrives

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#9 - General Plot - February 6, 2010 // 1:33 pm
General Plot's Avatar
While I can imagine that the PS3 would be relatively quick with doing HD conversion, I'm guessing my i7 920 (overclocked to 3.4 Ghz) with 6 GB triple channel RAM would still be faster for such tasks. Still, it's kinda cool to have the option to use the PS3 instead.

#8 - conee - February 6, 2010 // 7:36 am
conee's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bigdave898 View Post
Anyone working on MKVs?

are you asking about ps3 mkv support, or for the encoder to output mkvs? because the latter is retarded. mkv is just a container, it doesn't matter what video you put in it. you could do this all on a POS computer after you have already reencoded whatever video you needed. use the codecsys' encoder, then output to h264 elementary stream + whatever audio you wanted, and remux into mkv. mkv remux takes no time at all.

#7 - Zerotacg - February 5, 2010 // 10:36 am
Zerotacg's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by modzila View Post
I take it not all SPEs were used?

According to the penguin icon count (6 for me), which represents the "cores" I'd say only 6 where used, unsure how much the actual encoding application really did use though. Would be greate if one could just disable the HV SPE at linux boot and use one more

Quote Originally Posted by modzila View Post
can somebody tell me, once I have dl'ed YDL do I need an .bld and/or other. And YDL 6.2 or 6.1?

Take a peek at the ps3 guide [1] for your YDL Version


#6 - modzila - February 1, 2010 // 9:05 pm
modzila's Avatar
not wanting to labour the point but this is exactly why we open up the PS3; there is so much HW to tap into. I take it not all SPEs were used?

kudos! (can somebody tell me, once I have dl'ed YDL do I need an .bld and/or other. And YDL 6.2 or 6.1?) my apologies if this is somewhat out of place.

#5 - Zerotacg - February 1, 2010 // 9:08 am
Zerotacg's Avatar
It runs under Linux. Checked it out couple of weeks ago. They even have the "source" for the Linux part available. It's a minimalistic YDL distribution where everything is packed into the otheros.bld onto the ramfs like busybox. There is some cecom executable that is run after bootup. So for pals with YDL on there PS3 it might work if they just get the executable from:

Tested on my phat (80GB Model) v3.15 + WinXP encoding works quite ok got ~52FPS for 720x576 DVD resolution. It didn't setup the IP on first boot after install though, just reboot worked for me.

When trying to switch back to PS3 OS via the remote control feature I get some error on the flash write something so I have to do it via the power-button.

The Encoding Dialog window is all messed up for me, too large gaps between options so that some won't show as they are cut off.

#4 - bigdave898 - February 1, 2010 // 1:38 am
bigdave898's Avatar
Anyone working on MKVs?

Maybe all this hacking will FINALLY convince Sony to have a decent media player.

#3 - zhixiang - January 31, 2010 // 10:18 pm
zhixiang's Avatar
Is this run under linux? Does that mean we can use our ps3 to encode H.264 content utilizing the SPEs?

#2 - joaorca - January 29, 2010 // 5:39 pm
joaorca's Avatar
Good news for sure, maybe sony are trying to make the things for the people never have the need for some brews to do this.

#1 - PS4 News - January 29, 2010 // 5:37 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I approved this as we missed this news last month when it was actually released, so +Rep bogaromi for picking up the slack!