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353w ago - Update: PS3 Theme Generator GUI r1 is now available, which includes the addition of *.p3t file extraction.

Jockel has released a PS3 Theme Generator GUI today. It's still a BETA, but he is seeking users to give it a try and report feedback via comments.

Download: PS3 Theme Generator GUI

To quote: please test PS3 Theme Generator GUI beta

you can change images on klick the image in the GUI

then *.p3t file work ???

The Program makes a Dir workthemenamerelease*.p3t(file)

Thank for testing



PS3 Theme Generator GUI released!

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#27 - grondinm - 331w ago
grondinm's Avatar
can't wait to try this out tonight... keeping eye out for final version

#26 - footylad - 332w ago
footylad's Avatar
Cool great post, i'll have a tinker later, wonder if we could make a XMB Theme that causes a Buffer Overflow...


#25 - Jakeman - 332w ago
Jakeman's Avatar
this is really cool

#24 - Bardok84 - 332w ago
Bardok84's Avatar
Hi, its a great theme creator, I would like learn to create my owns themes for PS3, there are some ideas for it...

thank you very much!

#23 - zauron1000 - 332w ago
zauron1000's Avatar
nice, I'll test it right now


#22 - Jockel - 335w ago
Jockel's Avatar
Hi @all

work on PS3 Theme Generator GUI final

need help with sound files.. is the filesize 262144 for one vag file or all files ?

add convert sound WAV to VAG (MFAudio)

thx for help


#21 - d3th - 336w ago
d3th's Avatar
nice, i need to test it out now

#20 - mentalydamaged - 338w ago
mentalydamaged's Avatar
works nice for me ^^

#19 - FRott - 344w ago
FRott's Avatar
Does this support 2.4+ icons, (Playing, Trophy, Search), and the ability to add sounds?

#18 - Ironman12 - 345w ago
Ironman12's Avatar
very nice, it works good.. thanks a lot!