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334w ago - With all the recent Sony how-to guide posts, here is a how-to guide I ran across detailing how to watch movies online for free using the PlayStation 3 console.

It's from earlier last year, and is originally from ebokingLib on YouTube.

The video is available below..

Enjoy all!

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#9 - patriciaa - 197w ago
patriciaa's Avatar
Today i transferred some trailers to my i pod after downloading it from the apple store but it not working in ipod but in my system its working fine. When i play the video it doesn't respond at all.

#8 - thedoginthewok - 334w ago
thedoginthewok's Avatar
I have already used this method of free video a year ago... is ps3-capable, too!

And to find Movies on you have to search them on Sites like (for german Users)

and movielab for english users...

#7 - jdc03730 - 334w ago
jdc03730's Avatar
now movielab is down thanks to that vid lol!


#6 - MrAL - 334w ago
MrAL's Avatar
awesome guide.. thnx

#5 - netpredakonn - 334w ago
netpredakonn's Avatar
nice tutorial. Have just tried and it work really nice

#4 - jigga82 - 334w ago
jigga82's Avatar
so its the same as downloading and then watch it..

#3 - MrXToTheN - 334w ago
MrXToTheN's Avatar
to watch movies on this site is obviously not legal, but nice tutorial.

#2 - jigga82 - 334w ago
jigga82's Avatar
Is this really free ? Or is it some sort of Piracy ?

#1 - jevolution - 334w ago
jevolution's Avatar
nice... hadn't known about this... must have missed it first time around. cheers