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November 4, 2008 // 7:35 pm - Today Resistance 2 is officially available, and those who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition also will also receive an exclusive PlayStation 3 Theme according to hermy.

In related news, sephiroth25 let us know the Resistance 2 European BETA test SignUp began today... however, it appears to have filled up quickly.

The Registration Page currently states the following, roughly translated:


We invite you for next time. Thank you for your understanding."

Resistance 2 Released Today, European BETA SignUp Filled Fast

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#2 - MrCandydance - November 5, 2008 // 11:21 am
MrCandydance's Avatar
I have never ever been able to get a beta code to anything. All i ever see is news that the signups filled up quickly somewhere on the web and people posting in forums that 'Hey! I've got 3 beta codes for Resistance2 for trade' blabla...

And how come they hand out beta testing codes when the game is already released? For future updates?

#1 - B4rtj4h - November 5, 2008 // 9:21 am
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Yeah! I have got my code ... (finally)

Its a little big though 2GB :s... But who cares.