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High Velocity Bowling for PS3 - New DLC and Holiday Surprises

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328w ago - Team RamRod's Mike Skinner shared the following today via PS Blog:

Hello everyone! We hope you have been enjoying High Velocity Bowling (HVB) online over the past few months. For those of you who have never played before, HVB uses your SIXAXIS controller to simulate a genuine bowling swing.

Challenge one of 8 unique bowlers in our single- player mode, or play multiplayer at home with up to 3 friends or family members. If you're ready for more, go online and take on some of the bowlers, or just hang out for a casual game with someone new.

You can listen to your own music while you bowl, and also earn PlayStation Network Trophies along the way. HVB is a great game to get everyone together this holiday season, and it's available right now on the PlayStation Network Store for only $9.99.

Last month we added some flair to the world of HVB with the release of the two characters – Foxy Powers and Chastity Falls - as well as the All Hallow's Eve Bowling Ball Pack. Last week, we released the new Gearhead Ball Pack, which is currently available on the Playstation Store for just $.99.

Inspired by the American Hot Rod culture, players can now get ready to tear up the lanes in style with six new bowling ball designs, including two new showcase balls!

Well, this week, we are continuing to expand the HVB universe, with two new characters, Darryl "Stringbean" Johnson and Gage Mason. Like the new Gearhead Ball Pack, both Darryl and Gage are available for download TODAY for just $.99 each! Here's a little bit of background info about the two:

Darryl "Stringbean" Johnson

Darryl is a long-haul trucker from Memphis, Tennessee. After his recent divorce, Darryl spent many lonely nights perfecting his hook down at his favorite bowling alley, Loading Dock Lanes.

It's about the only place on earth where a trucker with a passion for bowling can feel right at home amongst the oil, flatbed trailers and shipping containers. Darryl also loves fresh produce, which is the only thing he hauls these days. It just seemed natural for him to find a perfectly round watermelon and turn it into his favorite bowling ball, the melonballer.

Gage Mason

Gage grew up in Washington, D.C. as the only child in his family. Years of playing video games has helped his hand eye coordination, which has allowed him to perfect his bowling accuracy. Gage spends most of his time hanging out at the Dark Carnival. It's a place to bowl a few games, reflect on his thoughts, and get into the perfect state of mind to write new lyrics for his band Pain Magnet.

Oh, and that's not all in our sack of HVB goodies. As our gift from us to you, we will be giving away Tiff's Big Zero Trick Shot Pack, as well Bea's Holiday Spirit and Carl's Season's Greetings costumes - ALL FOR FREE!!!

AND, next week (12/23/08) we will be releasing more new FREE packs – the new Gutterbird Ball and Patches Pack One Trick Shot Pack.

So, there you have it - lots of cool new add-on content for all you HVB fans to enjoy!

But, before we sign off today, I wanted to address the handful of users who have been unable to connect with other players online. We haven't forgotten you, and have been working hard to determine the cause of your connectivity issues.

We recently discovered a problem that might prevent users from playing head-to-head when they are connected to the Internet using a router that has a DNS caching feature enabled on it. We have made the fix and the patch is available now, all you have to do is log into the PlayStation Network and start up High Velocity Bowling.

Team RamRod would to thank everyone for their continued support and enthusiasm for HVB. For those of you who have never played the game before, we invite you to pick it up this holiday season. It's a great game to play with your family and friends, whether they are with you at home, or if you want to play with them online.

Happy Holidays!

Team RamRod!

High Velocity Bowling for PS3 - New DLC and Holiday Surprises

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#1 - CastTwister - 328w ago
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As usual we Europe people till now, don't have trophies, and online gaming. We are different than US people, but the price of the game are the same. Please tell something about. Thanks

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