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May 28, 2008 // 12:50 pm - This time I'd like to share my PS3 Dump Interleaver:

Download: PS3 NAND Dump Interleaver v1.40

PS3 NANDS are read and written interleaved, so if someone wants to check the Firmware content he have to use this tool in order to obtain a file that's like the console manage once we turn it on.

It's for study purposes, to allow skilled people to check the PS3 Firmware.

Some notes: Only full dumps should be used with this tool, old dumps without spare data are invalid so they won't output a valid result.

Swap bytes should be enabled, other checkmarks are there for study purposes.

Beware, almost all files are crypted! ...good study

NDT ;-)

PS3 NAND Dump Interleaver v1.40 released!

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#6 - isanreb - December 6, 2014 // 12:24 am
isanreb's Avatar

#5 - PS4 News - May 28, 2008 // 7:24 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
He was just referring to what NDT said on the Portal/Site News post... check there for more details: (link fixed)

#4 - young blade - May 28, 2008 // 12:55 pm
young blade's Avatar
NDT has clarified that all infectus dumps are proper dumps, so it's possible to use this tool with publicly released infectus dumps.

huh? i dont understand....??

#3 - nokaktsawa - May 28, 2008 // 12:32 pm
nokaktsawa's Avatar
Yes but I would recommend from now on to make dumps only with the ps3 in "cold state", since those are the only ones working for backup/downgrading purposes.

Here's a quote of a comment from NDT himself on the Portal:
"Both ON and OFF state dumps (I call them warm and cold dumps) are proper, these 2 dumps differs in 2 data blocks.

The thing i tested until now is that PS3 can be restored with infectus dump ONLY in COLD state and with COLD dumps.

You shouldn't flash the console while in ON state, then you cannot flash it in OFF state using a warm dump, the only working configuration is flashing the console in OFF state using a cold dump!

To flash and read the console NANDS in OFF state you need to add 4 wires to the infectus setup.

Currently i'm testing other configurations and bad block skipping in the restore process using my infectus NAND programmer 1.37, i'll update the news page with latest results as soon as possible".

I wonder how/where those additional 4 wires should be soldered, but I'm sure we will know sooner rather than later.

#2 - d4ny - May 28, 2008 // 10:05 am
d4ny's Avatar
For all who don't have infectus chip installed.

NDT has clarified that all infectus dumps are proper dumps, so it's possible to use this tool with publicly released infectus dumps.

#1 - adrianc1982 - May 27, 2008 // 10:48 pm
adrianc1982's Avatar
keep it coming NDT you are setting the scene for ps3 unlocking, thanks!