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377w ago - A bit of unexpected news on this LEAP YEAR DAY indeed.. a nice guy has leaked PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 today! A picture of it on my TEST console is below, and also there is an unpacked FileList of it for those interested. It adds a new "vm" folder to the PS3 HDD among other things, but we have yet to thoroughly look through it.

This is VERY cool news mainly because (as we all know) even the retail PS3 Firmware 2.15 isn't available yet from Sony!

For other PS3 Devs to examine, we will be adding the 2.15 Firmware to our PS3 Downloads this weekend as it's a bit sizeable weighing in RAR'd at 103 MB (108,852,452 bytes).

PS3 Debug Firmware v2.15 FileList:

Directory of ..2.15_DEBUG

02/28/2008 05:38 PM .
02/28/2008 05:38 PM ..
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 3 dots.txt
02/28/2008 05:38 PM 0 firmware.txt
02/28/2008 03:47 PM update
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 103,260,160 update.tar
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 5,581,512 updater.sce
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 5 version.txt
02/28/2008 03:47 PM vsh
02/28/2008 03:46 PM 10,240 vsh.tar
6 File(s) 108,851,920 bytes

Directory of ..2.15_DEBUGupdate

02/28/2008 03:47 PM .
02/28/2008 03:47 PM ..
01/19/2008 03:41 AM 1,966,992 BDIT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE.pkg
01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_301R.pkg
01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_302R.pkg
01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_303R.pkg
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 243,559 BLUETOOTH_FIRMWARE.pkg
01/19/2008 03:43 AM 4,976,256 CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg
01/20/2008 01:51 PM 1,671 dev_flash_000.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:51 PM 5,616,394 dev_flash_001.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 3,357,807 dev_flash_002.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 5,055,467 dev_flash_003.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 19,451 dev_flash_004.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:52 PM 10,304,923 dev_flash_005.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 9,569,246 dev_flash_006.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 7,557,602 dev_flash_007.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 9,790,673 dev_flash_008.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 10,329,525 dev_flash_009.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:53 PM 7,453,935 dev_flash_010.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 9,740,817 dev_flash_011.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 9,137,037 dev_flash_012.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 5,223,205 dev_flash_013.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 28,636 MULTI_CARD_FIRMWARE.pkg
01/19/2008 03:40 AM 576 RL_FOR_PACKAGE.img
01/19/2008 03:40 AM 704 RL_FOR_PROGRAM.img
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 4,864 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000005.pkg
01/20/2008 01:54 PM 4,864 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010302.pkg
01/20/2008 01:55 PM 1,209 UPL.xml.pkg
26 File(s) 103,238,533 bytes

Directory of ..2.15_DEBUGvsh

02/28/2008 03:47 PM .
02/28/2008 03:47 PM ..
12/17/2006 07:09 PM 0 a
1 File(s) 0 bytes

Total Files Listed:
33 File(s) 212,090,453 bytes
8 Dir(s) 158,846,169,088 bytes free

BREAKiNG NEWS: PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 leaked!

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#32 - CJPC - 366w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Yeah it seems simpler, but nearly every last item of interest on the PS3's flash is encrypted and tied to the box, so its not that simple!

#31 - DevR - 366w ago
DevR's Avatar
If it's just a software issue, what's the possibility of a modchip that has the capability of being able to boot the retail console with software and run the console as a debug console? I know that not everyone would be thrilled with having to solder their $600 units. This seems like possibly and easier root than trying to exploit software on a retail unit... yes, no?

#30 - CJPC - 367w ago
CJPC's Avatar
The issue with that is, aside from the NAND flashes, we can not dump any other chips. The nands are "keyed" per box, and all the other chips are custom logic, with pinouts unknown to us. Not to mention its very possible the chips are burnt with the key at the factory, so its not writable at all.

#29 - puksa - 367w ago
puksa's Avatar
hey, just a thought. What would it be if we just dump all chips on TEST unit and than flash this dumps on a retail unit? main key gonna change, device keys gonna change, everything gonna change! If i am right - we could get two ps3-TEST-clones.

#28 - RMX - 367w ago
RMX's Avatar
I believe the main difference is an internal decryption key of a some kind or even just a hardware ID. That's why it isn't possible to install debug firmware to a retail console.

#27 - PS4 News - 367w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
It's been stated numerous time, but the answer is software... the hardware is the same as retail.

#26 - DevR - 367w ago
DevR's Avatar
what exactly does a ps3 debug machine have that differs from a retail? Is it software of hardware? Does anyone know?

#25 - PS4 News - 368w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
No prob... CJPC will post some new PS3 Dev news progress later today he said.

#24 - Takavach - 368w ago
Takavach's Avatar
ok thanks my friends ...

i was mistaking, thanks for your help. then i think this better i wait for finish work cjpc.

thanks for everything than you and every one.

#23 - PS4 News - 368w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by takavach View Post
i have a question too. if i install firmware 2.15 debug my ps3 changed retail to debug ?

it is true?

No, false. You need a PS3 Debug/TEST to run Debug Firmware as mentioned numerous times now. It seems you are asking the same questions over and over, and CJPC can't keep answering them repeatedly.

NONE of the stuff CJPC posts about (Game Launcher, EBOOT.BIN, PS3 HDD, BD-EMU, etc) any of us can do as it ALL requires a Debug/TEST PS3 console (not Retail) and you also need (c) Sony files that we cannot discuss here.

And NO, installing 2.15 Debug FW will not make your PS3 Retail change to a Debug... this is mentioned right on the download page and Site News.
Official $ony 2.15 PS3 Debug/TEST Update. This will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so it is intended for examination and comparison purposes only. We have 100% confirmed that running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

I understand you want to learn, but until you have both a Debug PS3 and better technical knowledge it is better to let CJPC spend his time Dev'ing instead of trying to re-explain everything to you that is posted in our Site News.