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August 13, 2010 // 4:53 am - Today PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe has revealed some exclusive extras for PlayStation Plus members, which includes early access to buy PS One classic Tomb Raider this coming Monday.

To quote: Hi Guys, as promised we have some little mid month exclusive extras for all you Plus members.

I'm sure you will have already seen the Mafia 2 demo in the Plus section from Tuesday. Hopefully you are all enjoying it and are eagerly awaiting the full Blu-ray Disc game coming later this month.

Wednesday saw the launch of Pixel Junk Racers '2nd Lap', exclusively for Plus members, 2 weeks before the actual release date. If you already have Pixel Junk Racer then this new version of the game with added extras is totally free to download.

And if you haven't experienced the mayhem yet, then you can download this new version of the game with a Plus member-only, exclusive, 20% discount - well worth a try.

And finally, after the weekend we will be dropping another little treat into the Plus section. On Monday Plus members will have exclusive early access to buy the PS One cult classic Tomb Raider; two weeks before it goes live to the rest of PlayStation Store. Enjoy exploring, fighting and puzzle solving with the original Lara Croft.

Wherever we can, we are trying to get early demos and exclusive content for Plus members and this is by no means the end of these little mid month treats that you have requested, so keep an eye out for more.

Sony Reveals Exclusive Extras for PlayStation Plus Members

Sony Reveals Exclusive Extras for PlayStation Plus Members

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#11 - weii - August 17, 2010 // 4:46 pm
weii's Avatar
Wow, free ORIGINAL Tomb Raider, money well spent.

Seriously, you can probably get that game on disc cheaper than paying for Plus subscription which you cannot get out of until the end of the term.

Plus early access to demo and lame free games are not really worth it.

#10 - Transient - August 16, 2010 // 7:28 pm
Transient's Avatar
When Plus first came out, I was pretty annoyed that there was no discount for existing Qore subscribers. After only a couple months though, I'm starting to think they did me a favour.

Aside from the full download of LBP and Infamous (both of which I own anyway), I haven't seen anything worth the money it costs.

#9 - ProSkillz21 - August 14, 2010 // 10:56 pm
ProSkillz21's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Batman3000 View Post
Cross Game Chat will never come, that's what they said.

I believe Sony was hinting at Cross Game chat before this year's E3.

#8 - croft72 - August 14, 2010 // 1:51 pm
croft72's Avatar
I can only speak for myself by saying that I am not a fan of Little Big Planet, Fat Princess or Gran Turismo. Don't get me wrong cause I still consider them to be good quality games for its fans but they are just not my thing. Being a Playstation system owner since the first PS console, I've seen many awesome titles on both PS1 & PS2 that would be great titles for Sony to bring back. I consider the original Tomb Raider to be one of them.

Out of all that Playstation Plus members have gotten, that original Tomb Raider is the only thing that caught my interest. But not enough to get it since I still own the original PS1 disc along with many other great US & Japanese PS1 & PS2 disc games. Everyone has their opinion of what they like & dislike of all these games. The library of games that come forth onto a Sony console today are definately not what they used to be.

There are still many titles for PS3 that I have enjoyed since the launch of the console. Many developers for certain game companies who made a lot of PS1 & PS2 titles a huge success back then either don't work for the companies anymore these days or have switched to other companies leaving the latest game sequels lacking what gamers enjoyed in the past.

#7 - Batman3000 - August 13, 2010 // 9:09 pm
Batman3000's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
Cross Game Chat

Cross Game Chat will never come, that's what they said.

#6 - ProSkillz21 - August 13, 2010 // 9:02 pm
ProSkillz21's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
PS2 Games for free, otherwise I'll buy them from ebay for 20p.

Do you really except any company to give you a collection of ps2 games and ps3 games for free? That's just poor business.

Also what does feedback have to do with paying for a premium service?

#5 - Osirisx - August 13, 2010 // 6:25 pm
Osirisx's Avatar
i think il keep my PS1 and 2 if i ever feel like going back in time. i have a huge collection of ps1 & 2 games and there is no way i'm i going to pay to play them again on my ps3.. just becasue sony sent me back a non BC ps3.

#4 - tjay17 - August 13, 2010 // 5:45 pm
tjay17's Avatar
I really don't see the worth in paying all this money for plus.

#3 - victorinox - August 13, 2010 // 4:27 pm
victorinox's Avatar
you got to keep in mind that Sony Japan doesnt really support plus... look at the difference in content US kills JP in 1 month over 4 months in japan at this rate =\

because of this you will never see HUGE features added... also SECA SCEE and SCEJ work independant of each other when it comes to store content

JP had PJ racers atleast a month before US got it and anyone could buy it
EU had the K&L 2 demo for everyone

I would say I feel bad for you, or agree with you... but Sony pulled the same shit with qore, i mean even if you get into beta's what does that really mean?

Like uncharted 2... such an exclusive beta =D

Qore + infamous buyers + people who obtained a code from sony + wasnt it a preorder item too XD + free in store for a bit

#2 - Jordandyckes - August 13, 2010 // 4:14 pm
Jordandyckes's Avatar
WoW ! I wish I'd never got Playstation Plus, the content we're getting is lame LBP? Already got it!, I bought a PS3 to play PS3 Games / PS2 Games not old PS1 Games; They look awful, and seem terrible compared to todays standards.

Mafia 2's early demo, was given to us only a day or two before it was available to everyone else; by the time it had finished downloading, everyone else had it anyway.

Give us, something that is more useful!

  • Integrate a better download client, with multi-threading and segments to improve the performance of downloads, have a choice of scheduling.

  • More control on the automatic downloading.

  • Cross Game Chat

  • Better time period for early demo's like Mafia 2, we should have got at least 2 weeks.

  • PS2 Games for free, otherwise I'll buy them from ebay for 20p.

  • Give us more beta access, we're the one's more loyal & dedicated to providing feedback, otherwise we wouldn't be paying for a premium service.

  • Give a choice between a selection of games, but only allow the user to download one of them. (Like LBP or Eyepet for example) this would appeal to more people.

I hope Sony, look at this and make the right move; or I'm out next year and they can stuff it; I'll go to the dark side, they have cookies. Here I come Micro$oft; fix it before it's to late.