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July 21, 2010 // 2:36 pm - SCEE's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has revealed today that 'Mystery of the Wise Man' is arriving in the new Square on PlayStation Home this week.

To quote: While this week is quiet one for new content, it's an update full of mystery. One of the benefits of our new Home Square is that we can, from time to time, make changes to the content found within the space.

Over the coming weeks your Home Square will take on a new look as the current mini-games make way for a new series of features and mini-games.

Our first such change will happen this week, with Shooting Hoops making way for a visit from a wise old man. Those who approach the wise man may be gifted with a cryptic message in the form of a philosophical saying. Can you decipher the mystery of the wise man?

Drop into the stores this week to pick up some great gear from Lockwood. Included in this week's release are animated sneakers and hoodies (both male and female) and cropped tops with tattoos (female). The Mui Mui Ship could be worth a visit this week as well, with the latest update to the Loco Roco store including another wacky new hat.

We've been tracking strong demand on the official forums for an expansion to the variety of female clothing. To help us pinpoint specific content, we're updating the Polling Booth - which should be more stable after maintenance completes - with a new question asking for community feedback on preferences.

Mystery of the Wise Man Arrives in PlayStation Home Square

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