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302w ago - Interested in playing MAG before it's released? Well, BETA invites for the 256-player online shooter are going out now with the update patch weighing in at 2.3GB on the initial 300MB download.

It appears Sony is planning to start the MAG (Massive Action Game) PS3 BETA soon, as many sites including (linked above) have reported receiving invites.

The BETA invite makes you take a survey which will decide your placement in the BETA, considering space is "limited".

To quote: I just got an interesting e-mail directly from Sony asking me to register for the MAG Beta. Looks like the beta could start any day folks.

MAG (Massive Action Game) PS3 BETA Invites Are Going Out!

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#8 - jermainestephen - 300w ago
jermainestephen's Avatar
thanks a lot for the enrollment page mate

#7 - PS4 News - 301w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Heh nice and +Rep, I read earlier today that only Qore subscribers would be guaranteed to get in... guess that isn't so now.

#6 - alexroy514 - 301w ago
alexroy514's Avatar
just got my invite! waiting to see if i'm "accepted"


For those people who are desperate, here's the enrollment page

#5 - semitope - 301w ago
semitope's Avatar
Yeah sure... rub it in

#4 - sapphireforever - 301w ago
sapphireforever's Avatar
I just received the email saying I got in the MAG beta and downloading the game now. Just wondering who else are in it, too?

#3 - semitope - 302w ago
semitope's Avatar
I didnt get one and i so terribly wanted in. I am kinda pissed! A friend of mine on psn always gets into betas and i dont. Damn some ppl are just lucky

#2 - PS4 News - 302w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Yea indeed.. still a few more to post too!

#1 - red8316 - 302w ago
red8316's Avatar
Wow what a news night. Thanks for the post, I'll keep checking my inbox for sure. Side note : Perseid meteor shower at its peak tonight for those who are interested.