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January 27, 2011 // 8:31 pm - Previously the possibility of PSN bans was rumored for PlayStation 3 hackers, and today (linked above) has confirmed that CoD: Black Ops PS3 hackers are now being hit with the PS3 Firmware 3.56 ban hammer.

To quote: Explained by Sony as a "security update" its effects are being felt by accused modders/hackers. CoD: BlOps hackers are getting hit hardest with a permanent console ban - many of whom have expressed their "innocence" on the official PS3 CoD: Black Ops Forums.

It's not limited to a few. There are dozens of threads about this topic. Here are just a few of their posts:

CaStR0_21: How long am I banned for? "This console has been permanently banned from the Black Ops servers....." Does this mean forever? Or will I be unbanned after awhile?

IssY_I : When i want to play black ops it says my console is banned permanently???i have payed 150$ for the Ps3 (i bought it yesterday (used) and just came home with a new copy of b-ops! but why is my system banned?

scaryscar6: I dont know what happened i was just playin it normally. i installed the patch and played for a while and I went to have my shower and when i came back i was permanently banned! Somone please get me unbanned! It might of been my frineds though because i lent him my ps3 a couple of days ago because his ps3 got YLOD...

prEston124: Today i got my account back finally an It wont let let me play online idk why it says prem ban i didnt do anything man i miss black ops well looks like i have to get a 360.

Imma_Wreck_You: Hi i understand all of then terms and conditions of playing call of duty black ops, but my PS3 has been banned.. and i dont understand why? there a few people here who play online in this house but none of us can anymore. how can i get some help? or who do i need to contact.

badderz1: Hi i have been banned for black ops when i click online it says you have been Prem banned from B.O but i didnt do anything to get banned what i did my m8 said he was 15th yea and i said let me go on ur acc then if ur 15th so i just went on his acc and he was 15th and then deleted the user then the next day when i went on my account that message came up my psn is FoRzA-MoNsTeR I am 6th prestige on B.o legit my KD is 1.79 and my wins to losses is 1.14 and a 124 winstreak i did not boost at all please unban me.

__EtMazizi__: I was playin Black Ops and seached for a game of search and destroy, i just prestiged 4 da 4th time and entered a modded lobby. Ileft straight away when i relised wat it waz next thing i no i banned and reset.Has this r something similair happened to u???

CoD: Black Ops Hackers Hit with PS3 Firmware 3.56 Ban Hammer

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#105 - Blade86 - November 27, 2012 // 9:37 pm
Blade86's Avatar
How are you able to connect to PSN if you block sony-servers?

#104 - joshddd1 - November 27, 2012 // 4:57 pm
joshddd1's Avatar
What exactly do you mean by cheaters? I have CFW and play COD online using DNS trick. I also block sony from my router. I have installed some MapPacks.

#103 - fwydu - January 29, 2011 // 3:35 pm
fwydu's Avatar
Well, I have to say, excellent points.

#102 - daveshooter - January 29, 2011 // 2:47 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
With respect to the Jap's, but theres more hackers in Japan, than anywhere else. And 45% work for Sony in one way or another. So nothing would surprise me of what their capable of.

#101 - afly - January 29, 2011 // 2:33 pm
afly's Avatar
If i was Sony, I would've slipped a a sleeping trojan deep into the bowels of 3.42 that triggers local lock-down (regardless of DMCA legislation). You're right, using the HDD to do this would be pointless.

I wouldn't have thought the DMCA would allow it, but there you go.

#100 - daveshooter - January 29, 2011 // 2:27 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
wow, this is going to hit hard on a lot of people. 50,000 consoles are being prepared for the console ban, um I'm wondering how their doing that?

As you said, they say it comes from the HDD, so how dose it get there in the 1st place? And we can replace the HDD, so a bit of a wast there.

Unless when the game was being played their servers may put a Sony CFW on that drive, and when you go to play it again after a power reset it dose something to the ps3? Maybe, I don't know, but it would make more sense to put a file in the same place as were the downloaded firmware go's, before its installed on a reboot. This is just speculation on my part tho.

So has anyone just been banned, or bricked as well?

#99 - JohnboyWaltons - January 29, 2011 // 12:39 pm
JohnboyWaltons's Avatar
Great news, even if I do not play CoD Black Ops ! I hope it will get $ony under control all undocumented players to dispel.
Because everyone wants to play online, is to buy the game because otherwise no money will be available for new developments.

I myself play GT5, Dirt2 and Grid and not willing to go against pirates or cheaters to race. This is not to say that I have anything against JB or CFW. I like homebrew and emulators, but if I want to gamble a game really right, then I'll buy it!

#98 - mckarlsson - January 29, 2011 // 11:39 am
mckarlsson's Avatar
they should ban all MW2 Cheaters. They destroy the game completely, i hate them...

#97 - NoZart - January 29, 2011 // 10:01 am
NoZart's Avatar
Banning is not illegal, as it is a service which Sony can declare who is allowed in. Disabling the PS3 completely (as in bricking them) would be illegal in many countries.

Maybe, but that is a long shot: Sony knows how many PS3s are hacked. Calculates a bit. Ways the pros and cons of a total ban vs. effectively breaking and then re-fixing peoples properties. Sabotages our PS3 remotely. Given the Customer rights of many countries, people are entitled to working consoles as they bought them, so they get a notice to have their PS3 fixed. Send them in, get them back with new firmware. Sure, that is a very expensive method, but it would surely help weed out the hackers tremendously. This would be in tune with the bit stating sony wants to shut up press.

This is really just speculation, but as i see it, forcing people to be legal seems to be the best way financially. Microsoft just bans consoles and risks people not ever buying XBLA content again. The other method would allow sony to get back in the wallets of the gamers...

#96 - ThetaSigma - January 29, 2011 // 6:19 am
ThetaSigma's Avatar
Hmm, i wonder what will happen if i remove my ps3's wifi chip?