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March 4, 2009 // 10:11 am - If you're an Alien fan, this may be the most amazing PS3 case mod ever. If not, this little homemade horror may seem like the biggest waste of a PlayStation 3 console ever.

To quote: The tattoo artist/case modder responsible for this creation used (and burned himself with) super heated epoxy putty and Games Workshop's Chaos Black paint for the finish. He had to settle for a layer of gloss instead of sanding it – it sounds (and looks like) a pain to smooth out.

The sculpt is as hard as a metal casting and permanently welds itself to everything, especially the plastic top. And it's only on the top panel and door so he can switch it out if he gets a new one.

And if anyone's interested, this is how I explained it to him; It takes ALOT more work than a portrait tattoo, which I would charge $300 for. So if I had to do something like this again... $300.

The Most Amazing PS3 Case Mod Ever, or a Big Waste of a PS3?

The Most Amazing PS3 Case Mod Ever, or a Big Waste of a PS3?

The Most Amazing PS3 Case Mod Ever, or a Big Waste of a PS3?

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#34 - daveribz - March 7, 2009 // 12:50 am
daveribz's Avatar
Really a waste... The PS3 is way better like it is. Nice shiny black case, simple and sexy.

#33 - tictok - March 6, 2009 // 11:03 pm
tictok's Avatar
Actually, looking at it a second time, I think the same technique could be used to make a great Han Solo in Carbonite case mod. How cool would that be! I'd prefer that one

Look at the ports / vents on the side, surely it's designed to be a console one day

Go on , someone make that

#32 - wuscht - March 6, 2009 // 4:37 pm
wuscht's Avatar
Wow this is awesome.

Must have been a lot of work .... ^^

#31 - Okiri - March 6, 2009 // 2:57 pm
Okiri's Avatar
I dont like it, doesnt even look like an alien!!

#30 - y2kgt - March 6, 2009 // 12:59 am
y2kgt's Avatar
I'd love to see NBA or NFL case mods!

#29 - tictok - March 6, 2009 // 12:01 am
tictok's Avatar
Have to say I'm not too keen on it either. Obviously the dude behind this put a whole truck load of work into it, which I respect, so kudos for that! I'm sure it would be prefect for some people.

For me, personally, I don' really understand most of the case mods that are around. I'd rather my PS3 was smaller, quieter and all together less visible.

Wonder what the rest of that guys living room looks like.... scary stuff!

#28 - prozac214 - March 5, 2009 // 11:46 pm
prozac214's Avatar
very cool mod, but where is the predator case to go with it??

#27 - darkkraker - March 5, 2009 // 10:56 pm
darkkraker's Avatar
i dont like the fingers and the color

#26 - ajrobson - March 5, 2009 // 9:53 pm
ajrobson's Avatar
My brother would love the alien one he has the aliend head dvd box set in his room!

#25 - ssneeky10 - March 5, 2009 // 8:22 pm
ssneeky10's Avatar
Wow that alien box is just.... too much.

Some people have time on there hands