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September 5, 2010 // 9:22 am - Update: Many users including namdlo and nannou have pointed out the picture is dated, and have determined this scare to be more of a wake-up call than a true Sony PS3 ban wave over the PS JailBreak PS3 modchip.

As expected, with the release of the PSGroove open-source PS JailBreak PS3 exploit Sony is fighting back and now banning PS3 consoles, with the PSN ban wave error code being 8002A227.

Forum user StandardBus of Italian site (linked above) first reported this, and based on the PSJB Backup Manager ID apparently Sony is banning the OpenPSID or PS3 MAC address... meaning another PSN account won't do you any good.

Needless to say, PlayStation 3 consoles will soon be shipping with an updated PS3 Firmware revision to patch the exploit.

Below is the rough translation from StandardBus on the PS JailBreak PS3 console bans:

"Predictably, in the end it happened. Maybe some of you were already aware of it, but because of the holidays (and the lack of coverage for data traffic in the area where I was on vacation) I could not actively follow the scene as I usually do.

For anyone who had missed the news, Sony is left with its hands seeing copies of his JigKey distributed at an impressive speed to all major retailers of mod chips for consoles.

Some users who have rushed to buy the key in question and abuse them without getting too many problems on the legality of their actions, recently could not help but note that their console was excluded from the use of any online service offered by Sony.

This exclusion / limitation (in computer terms "BAN") is the inclusion of the NDP registered user nickname to a "blacklist" servers in this Sony.

Any attempt to access the console, Sony PlayStation Network using a nickname in this blacklist will be identified and monitored pending potential violations of the terms of use imposed by Sony itself.

But we are talking about... JigKey. Sony plans to block all online console those who make use of that key, just like Microsoft with the Xbox 360 some time ago.

We said that several users, after purchasing the key, received an unusual error code trying to access the game online. Viewing the code is 8002A227.

Analyzing the backup loader pkg PSJailbreak released by the team, you may notice that the ID program is LAUNE-12345.

The initiation of programs (with its ID) is recorded in a sort of log in the HDD of the PS3, and Sony is sent to the server for statistical analysis anything but anonymous when the console is connected to Internet (yes, they know who we are, what games we play, how we play and how often, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of data Aquisito on our behalf every day).

Wii also uses this system, but is more discreet in the aspect that the user is given opportunity to view the log in question.

Once you understand this simple mechanism, it is natural to understand how the servers can automatically identify the Sony console and PSN account of people using the key: once considered the log and found the ID-12345 LAUNE simply discover the IP connect the console to find the nickname of the user who has used it and proceed with the ban by adding a nickname to blacklist PSN.

And there's more: some users may forward the idea of changing the nickname to allow console access again the NDP, and partly as a solution may seem effective, but it seems that Sony has also thought of this possibility by request to the consoles connected to PSN their Mac address, uniquely identify the console without the possibility of error, and allowing the permanent ban console all online.

Remains to understand why the team PSJailbreak not activated to change promptly to their application ID, allowing Sony to go to the bank account to account, the console on the console.

Arise at this point spontaneous questions: This is the first demonstration that the team has the sole intention of selling as much as possible and then disappear leaving the customers?

The key upgradeable firmware has been described by many experts as a feature useless, really need to dupe more people can fool with the possibility of updates that do not ever exist?

We hope for those already effected the purchase of JigKey is not so. The seriousness of the team has been challenged on many forums, react to plug this big problem or let it go?"

Sony Suspends PS3 Consoles, PSN Ban Wave Error 8002A227

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#78 - ChaseHammer - September 6, 2010 // 11:03 pm
ChaseHammer's Avatar
It's crazy how fast things spread, and you know its more of people just accept what is "proved" without actually knowing what they are looking at. I rather just not take the chance right now and just disable internet before going into PSJB, it's a lot easier than hoping no one can see what you are doing. At least until we can get farther into this thing and hope to bring awesome apps and hb to hide us.

#77 - PS4 News - September 6, 2010 // 9:48 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Well considering Italian is likely his primary language I think he is doing fine... at least he made an attempt to clear things up, not everyone would bother even doing that eh?

#76 - A2theC - September 6, 2010 // 9:44 pm
A2theC's Avatar
WTF!? Can you learn to type proper english? I understood what the article was about, but barely... got a bad headache, might comment again later.

#75 - StandardBus - September 6, 2010 // 2:13 pm
StandardBus's Avatar
I apologize to all users: the image published in an article some time ago wanted to serve only "example" of the error, would not indicate the actual error that appears when the console banned.

It is not the first time publish indicative pictures. Usually publish pictures of our tests with the news.
Well, this time was not so: we have not encountered a person in error 8002A227

We wanted to prove the truth of what is published in other news sites talking about the PS3 long before we 8002A227 error, but we could not do so because of two broken PS3 to 2 pending reballing.

Surely you'll wonder why even though I work on an electronic repair center (not Sony) has not yet made reballing both ps3 to prove the PSgroove with online games... why is a simple and clear: The infrared soldering station I usually use to reball PS3s is actually not working, so I could not prove what was said, I've simply searched on google images that would suggest any mistake in online the PSN.

I'm waiting for new arrivals from Shenzhen infrared soldering station, so try the above in the fake article.

The image I posted was the one that just inspired me, but that does not necessarily indicate the error I mentioned in the article.

So I apologize for having published one (1!) fake news because human mistake after hundreds of hours spent in front of the PC and console for testing on exploits, homebrew, backups and so, after thousands of posts written to help users, after publishing dozens of guides all functioning perfectly.

I do not expect any apology, I apologize to you for having mistakenly published a fake news, I am only sorry that this news has gone around the world running out even on important sites for my mistake.

Excuse me.

#74 - oVERSoLDiER - September 6, 2010 // 11:25 am
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Maybe you're right. If you want to create a new account on PSN and disconnect your Internet by the last step, it maybe gives exactly that error message.

Everybody who hasn't 16 users on their PS3 can try it.

#73 - hamada - September 6, 2010 // 11:12 am
hamada's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by thegameinformer View Post
that is just the thing, if i have one account, without any psn linkage, and a separate account WITH a psn account linked to it but i never use BM on it, it would never show that i have played that "game" so it wouldnt exactly be detectable by sony, would it?

i would be playing on a seperate account not connected to the internet without a psn account.

I am not an expert and i don't want to spread rumors, but i think $ony can check if the BM is installed or not. They have their ways. If they can see what games, movies, pictures and songs you have installed on your console, they will also know if you installed a .pkg file.

But you can give it a try The whole PS3 backup thing is new. Nobody knows for sure.

#72 - Pedrock - September 6, 2010 // 11:06 am
Pedrock's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Pedrock View Post
There is a way to know if they can detect it. Packet sniff the PS3 online connection, maybe using a wireless connection and a wireless packet sniffer on a laptop. Play the original game and the backup game and check the differences.

If you don't want to take the risk you can also disconnect from the internet, play a lot of games, start the sniffer and connect and see if the games log is sent.

Can someone test this?

#71 - collirietto - September 6, 2010 // 11:01 am
collirietto's Avatar
Sorry for my english , im italian ....anyway this picture it's just a FAKE !!!

If you look the image... this people want to register a new account called "Consolesuspend " and system give back a error !!! i'm wrong ?

#70 - thegameinformer - September 6, 2010 // 11:01 am
thegameinformer's Avatar
that is just the thing, if i have one account, without any psn linkage, and a separate account WITH a psn account linked to it but i never use BM on it, it would never show that i have played that "game" so it wouldnt exactly be detectable by sony, would it?

i would be playing on a seperate account not connected to the internet without a psn account.

#69 - hamada - September 6, 2010 // 10:17 am
hamada's Avatar
They can get your MAC address. Unless you can spoof it or change it, you will get banned. But if you are not going online at all, how are yo going to be banned?

And don't forget the FW updates. If you want to play on PSN you have to update some day. This would be the end of your homebrew ps3. At the moment it isn't possible to play online with the BM.