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January 28, 2011 // 8:18 pm - Update #2: Sony has now served Gitorious with a DMCA takedown notice for PS3 hacking related repositories which have subsequently been removed.

Update: Now Sony is targeting other PS3 hackers via YouTube and Twitter, as new documents reveal they also plan to subpoena PlayStation 3 hacking related Web sites.

Following legal action against GeoHot, today Sony has sent out DMCA takedown notices to sites hosting PlayStation 3 developer files including California-based Github, and as a result the PS3 hackers have now mirrored the removed files on Norway-based Gitorious.

Those seeking to read Sony's takedown notice can do so HERE, with the violation citing "Trafficking a device that circumvents effective access controls, and/or Trafficking a device that circumvents effective copyright protection measures."

The mirrored ps3keys, ps3tools, and lv2patcher PS3 GIT files are now posted HERE on Gitorious for the time being.

To quote from PSX-Scene (linked above): "First Professor Carnegie Mellon who had 'mirrored' geohot's original keys open door site, took his down to be on the 'safe' side of the action:

1/27/2011 Update: Judge Illston has granted the TRO against George Hotz despite the venue issue still being contested by Hotz's attorney. And I'm out of town. Since CMU has a west coast campus in California and is therefore subject to her jurisdiction, I have disabled my mirror until I can get back to Pittsburgh and look more closely at the current state of things.

Then early this morning DMCA takedowns started to get received by the various scene developers, first kmeaw, a good coder behind a working CFW, got one: kmeaw: I have just received a DMCA takedown notice

Next graf_chokolo, a now world-famous coder for his wonderful PS3 'decryption' skills, posted the following on Xorloser's Blog, that his GIT has been taken down by Sony:

graf_chokolo says: SONY took down my GIT repo :-) Who still needs my source code just email me and i will upload it for you :-) Still working on ENCDEC reversing :-) It's fun :-)

And recently KaKaRoToKS has tweet'ed that he also has gotten a DMCA notice: Looks like github has received DMCA takedown and my repository are now unavailable."

Finally, graf_chokolo posted the following warning to Sony on Xorloser's blog, to quote:

If SONY will continue like this i will upload my IDA database for HV and HV procs :-)

Here is a link to my payload:

No fear, jack :-) It just motivates me more to continue my reversing :-) It was just my public GIT repo, for making releases :-) Nothing lost :-)

Sony Issues DMCA Takedown Notices, PS3 Hackers Mirror Files

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#49 - senopui - February 6, 2011 // 12:29 am
senopui's Avatar
Nuff said..

#48 - PS4 News - February 5, 2011 // 11:24 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
OK I moved the update to this ongoing thread now... from this post forward, direct all Graf Chokolo PS3 Linux replies to the ongoing thread here, any below will be deleted:

This thread will remain open to discuss the Sony DMCA takedowns below.

#47 - barrybarryk - February 5, 2011 // 9:44 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
those documents suggest SCEA want to subpoena sites for information regarding those accounts with a hope to tie Hotz to california and find evidence against his motion to dismiss.

#46 - SinnerShanky - February 5, 2011 // 9:19 pm
SinnerShanky's Avatar
The latest round of PSX-SCENE's Wikileaks-esque court documents reveal that Sony is expanding it's case beyond Geohot to include other well-known PS3 hackers. They are planning to subpoena various internet sites, including PSX-SCENE, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal and Slashdot in an attempt to locate new defendants such as Cantero, Peter, Bushing, Segher, hermesEOL, kmeaw, Waninkoko, grafchokolo and kakaroto.

#45 - daveshooter - February 5, 2011 // 4:21 am
daveshooter's Avatar
Thanks for that quick update Barry, i was getting behind on the Linux idea, so this is great news, and now I can see my new powerPc, coming on an old spear PS3. wicked.

#44 - WheedWhack3R - February 5, 2011 // 2:53 am
WheedWhack3R's Avatar
Graf_chokolo, I am drooling over this right now! So exiting!

Did someone mention the possibility of editing the XMB and flash regions directly from linux?

#43 - barrybarryk - February 4, 2011 // 10:56 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
Another quick update from Graf_chokolo:
Please be patient guys, i'm working day and night on HV reversing and Linux booting Regarding dual boot GameOS+Linux, yeah, it's definetely doable, i'm implementing it currently Regarding dual boot GameOS CFW + GameOS OFW, is also doable, but harder. In both cases we need a custom HV. All HVs are nearly the same in all firmwares from SONY, and i know it very good and can add functionality, patch or remove it however i want.

Booting Linux from VFLASH/HDD or decrypted LV2 kernel from VFLASH/HDD is just a small proof to SONY how good i know your HV Or should i say now my HV

Without patching HV you cannot get GameOS rights on 3.15 with Linux. So custom HV is still needed. And that is exactly what i'm doing right now, creating custom HV. And with original HV from 3.15 you won't be able to communicate with Update Manager or Dispatcher Manager e.g.

Just booted petitboot from VFLASH on my 3.41 PS3 Created a new VFLASH storage region of size 16MB and stored there uncomressed petitboot compiled by me with openwrt I only patched HV, didn't touch any Linux files Sorry marcan, i will stick with petitboot I intend to install Debian Linux on this weekend on my HDD Greetings to SONY OtherOS is back But now with GameOS features. Stay tuned.

Dual boot GameOS+Linux is close

Look at that piece of dmesg output guys Great news

ps3disk_init:588: registered block device major 254
ps3_system_bus_match:354: dev=7(sb_01), drv=6(ps3disk): miss
ps3_system_bus_match:354: dev=6(sb_02), drv=6(ps3disk): match
-> ps3_system_bus_probe:365: sb_02
-> dma_sb_region_create:656:
ps3disk sb_02: ps3stor_probe_access:70: 3 accessible regions found. Only the first one will be used
ps3disk sb_02: First accessible region has index 1 start 524312 size 130611352
ps3disk sb_02: ps3da is a Hitachi HTS542580K9SA00 (76319 MiB total, 63775 MiB for OtherOS)

3 accessible HDD regions All GameOS regiosn are accessible
I guess i won't have sleep on this weekend. Sray tuned.

Here is the complete dmesg output:

And RSX works with petitboot 1080pi

Guys, someone compiled latest openwrt, i didn't manage because gcc couldn't build. If someone knows what is wrong with gcc for powerpc64 in openwrt please contact me

Hehe, i should take care where i install my Linux or else GameOS wont' boot

Yeah, i'm cross compiling it on x86 Linux.

Holy crap, guys, unbelievable petitboot can read UFS filesystem of GameOS UNENCRYPTED I have access to all GameOS HDD regions.

Here is a snippet from "hexdump -C /dev/ps3da | less":

Stay tuned, it's certainly not the last good news from me

Holy crap, allmost all VFLASH regions are accessiable

ps3flash sb_03: ps3stor_probe_access:70: 5 accessible regions found

Looks very promising

#42 - joffe - February 3, 2011 // 10:47 pm
joffe's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by severusx View Post
Very nice, have the repositories been restored?

yes - for now (23:44 CET)
my repositories do not contain any SonyŽ software nor any software designed to bypass security set in place to protect copyrighted material.

The keys does not have any protection what so ever from the Norwegian copyright law.

Also “Norwegian law commands us to respond to such a notice by removing potentially infringing content until it’s legality can be fully clarified.” is simply not correct. It is not mandated to do no such thing – you are only forced to remove content that IS illegal. Yes, you face a harsher penalty for not removing it IF you should have realized it is illegal, but not if it by a fair persons judgement seemed to be legit.


You are only allowed to use my repositories to make legal homebrews. I do not condone piracy!

#41 - severusx - February 3, 2011 // 9:05 pm
severusx's Avatar
Very nice, have the repositories been restored?

#40 - barrybarryk - February 3, 2011 // 8:48 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
I hope this example stands. Fair played to Gitorious for standing up for them, I'm sure they don't need this kind of hassle in their lives.