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October 4, 2010 // 4:41 pm - Update: Zouzz has now released SmallLoader Configuratatator as an auto PKG creator alternative with more details HERE and a video below.

Download: SmallLoader v0.2 / XMBoot v1.0 / XMBoot v1.1 (PL3 update by n4ru)

To quote, roughly translated, on SmallLoader: "TheTool offers a loader used shortcuts in the XMB to rip up a game in the drive without going through virtual BR open the backup manager or manager.


• Edit file game.ini located in the folder PS3_GAME/USRDIR:
• In the path variable, specify the path of your games (Ex: path = / dev_usb000/gamez/BLES12345). You can also delete the line path, smallLoader use the GAME folder which is in USRDIR (just copy your games in that folder).
• In variable autolaunch, enter 1 if you want smallLoader start the game automatically switches to "No AB" and 0 if you want to go back to XMB after the game is installed.
• In the folder PS3_GAME, copy the file ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG .....
• Using PS3SFOEdit , edit the file located in PARAM.SFO PS3_GAME
• In "Basic Setting", change the value by that title id you want
• In alt-(default) specify the name of your game
• Click on save and overwrite the old file PARAM.SFO
• Open the file has smallloader.conf using notepad for example.
• In line Product_ID, replace BLES12345 by title id values you have filled in the file PARAM.SFO
• You can save and close this file.
• Now you can generate the PKG file using the command "make_package_npdrm smallloader.conf PS3_GAME /" (without the quotes and the command prompt windows).

v0.2 changelog:

• Added fix for the problem of controller.. to enable or disable it, change the line 'fix =' in file game.ini (untested, with no games involved in this problem)
• Added a function to restore the normal functioning of BR player, just run the shortcut by pressing the button [].

Note: Sources are also included in the archive.

Finally, from the XMBoot ReadMe file, to quote:

XMBoot is a stripped down backup app which will allow you to create the equivalent of a 360 QuickBoot container. This allows you to create a custom entry on your XMB with the original audio/video from your backup with which you can either boot DIRECTLY into your game (if supported), or mount it for launching via XMB.

To load the original XMB video/icon/sound/etc you will need to copy that content out of the /PS3_GAME/ directory of your backup and place it in the subdir of this package prior to compiling.

NOTE: If using the backups original .SFO file you will need to edit it to report itself as HG (Harddisk Game) rather than DG (Disc Game).

If not using the original SFO from a backup, be sure to edit the included SFO to specify your game title.

Also be sure to edit the package.conf and SFO so that your new package has a unique Title ID.

You will need to set three options in the main.ccp file prior to compiling your package:

game_path is the path to the backup you wish to use

ex: /dev_usb000/GAMEZ/BLUS-12345/

The app does NOT scan for usb device #'s, so you will have to hardcode it to the usb slot you use. direct_boot is the option to attempt launching the EBOOT without booting back into XMB. Does not work with all games, but will let you direct boot games on which it does! use_hermes is an option to apply the Hermes F1/SFIV/etc fix at runtime, doesn't work with every game.

Because these options are stored in main.cpp you MUST recompile in order to change your container setup. These options 'could' be moved to be stored in the SFO file instead, which would allow you to simply edit the SFO instead, bypassing any need for an SDK setup.

Greetings to PS3News. Do not support piracy, purchase the games you love. Winners don't use drugs.


SmallLoader and XMBoot - Create PS3 XMB QuickBoot Containers

SmallLoader and XMBoot - Create PS3 XMB QuickBoot Containers

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#83 - iMarty - July 3, 2011 // 10:50 am
iMarty's Avatar
Hello Guys! I also tried to get this beautiful thing working, but still have a few questions.

I use a tool named PKG-Maker, so i don't need the SDK to be installed. But do i need to edit the PARAM.SFO to a higher version than the installed game? Because, if i put my USB-Stick in my PS3, It says that a higher version is already installed, and that there is no need to install this version.

I'm afraid that something goes wrong and i can't play my beloved Black Ops anymore. Does anyone know an answer on my question?? BTW, Nice tool, although i don't understand much of it!

Edit: I installed my fantastic pkg, and my black ops was downgraded to 1.00 again. XMBoot shortcut didn't work.

My question: how do you make a 'forwarder' of the EBOOT.BIN? I didn't get it working with the game.ini (?) or package.conf.

I'm sure it will work if i have the correct EBOOT.BIN! Maybe you can tell me howto, or give me one of Call of Duty: Black Ops BLES01031 version 1.09? I'd be pleased if someone could do that!

#82 - Deviouz - October 17, 2010 // 8:18 pm
Deviouz's Avatar
how can you tell what syscall is being used for the containers that this SmallLoader Configuratatator makes..?

And the paths to your backups that you specify in them, will they conflict at all with all the diff Payloads that are floating around now if a path is hardcoded inside one of those payloads..?

#81 - xat - October 17, 2010 // 11:26 am
xat's Avatar
The eboot.bin for xmboot/smallloader is the bare code necessary to mount a game. That's why they're termed "containers", because all they do is run syscall35/36 on a hardcoded path (the path to your backup), and then simply exit.

#80 - Deviouz - October 17, 2010 // 7:41 am
Deviouz's Avatar
so what is the eboot.bin inside the xmb container doing exactly when you launch a game this way..?

#79 - xat - October 17, 2010 // 4:16 am
xat's Avatar
The majority of the work is with the payload, but xmboot/smallLoader/OBM (whichever you're using) and the payload have a role to play. The payload implements the functions necessary for running unsigned code (as well as use dev functions like peek/poke), and it is homebrew developers who use those functions in their apps enabling them to do a number of things.

syscall 35/36 is an entirely separate issue that has no real bearing on the end user other than what payload they should use. For backup manager devs, they either choose between syscall 35 or 36 (NZHawk's awesome mount point manager explicitly uses syscall 35), or support both (drizzt84's OBM derivative Gaia manager supports both). In terms of backup booting, both syscalls do the same thing, but syscall 35 is more robust and, most importantly, free of liability for those who work on PL3.

If you want enhanced stability/compatibility/functionality you'd have to improve the payload. PL3 is a huge step toward this from a developer standpoint.

#78 - Deviouz - October 16, 2010 // 11:17 pm
Deviouz's Avatar
so what's doing the majority of the work..? Is it the eboot.bin file thats inside the xmb container or is it the payload thats being used on your dongle..??

I'm just wondering how using this type of xmb game boot method correlates with the whole ordeal about using either syscall 35/36...??

and if this xmb boot method were to be improved at all, what all would be needed to be changed or recoded to enhance compatibility & stability ect..?

#77 - slow123 - October 15, 2010 // 9:52 am
slow123's Avatar
Hi guys, I have a long question. I will start from the beginning.

So I ftp'd to my ps3 and I pulled of the game data (hdd0\game\blesxxxx) for brothers in arms. I went back on to xmb and deleted the game data from there. I ftp'd back to the ps3 and replaced the game data, loaded up brothers in arms and it didnt need to re-install.

This made me think that maybe psone dlc games are the same, so I sent someone else my psone game data and license>(hdd0\home\000001\exdata). He put them in the right place but it wont show in xmb. So I thought we were missing the link between the game data and xmb.

So I remember reading this (xmboot and small loader configurator) and thought this might help but I will be the 1st to admit I am a complete noob and dont have a clue what im doing. I cant even get this to work with ps3 games on external. if I sent someone my game data and license for a psone game could they give it a try or if you know this wont work can you explain why please.

#76 - cfwprophet - October 14, 2010 // 6:51 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
But we also have several possabilitys to gain retail decrypted game elf's from the RAM and thx to the SDK we can re-encrypt them as debug one and compile a FULL debug game that will install into the normal arcade game section like it is a legal purchased full game.

Sure there are some games they wont run in case we still have to learn. Or some may wont run in case that the devs have additional secured them. But i for myself know more then one option to gain access to decrypted ps3 files.But first... it's to early to talk official about that and then to time i wouldn be able to develope a hb app for the ps3.

But keep cool and relax... you will see the next months will be worth waiting the year long faiking and theater that have overcome the sceen the last 3 years.

#75 - xat - October 14, 2010 // 6:31 am
xat's Avatar
Backup managers will neatly enumerate backups located in a folder you specify. So you end up with a convenient listing of all of your backups.

XMB containers at the moment have to be self-packaged; for every backup you have you create a container package, and then you install the package so it appears as an entry in your XMB.

Running a backup is pretty much identical for either method. When you select a game in your BM or container, one of the following happens depending on what you choose to do:

The normal mounting method: The BM or container will normally try to mount your backup folder to the bluray emu (/app_home/PS3_GAME) and then exit. From there you select the game via XMB under /app_home/PS3_GAME. This mounting process is done through system call 36: system_call_1(36, (uint64_t) path);

The direct boot method: The BM or container attempts to boot an eboot.bin while exiting. At the moment this does not work for all games. The general process: sys_game_process_exitspawn2(eboot_path, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0x3E9, 0x70);

#74 - Deviouz - October 14, 2010 // 2:01 am
Deviouz's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by xat View Post
the only real disadvantage there is to this is the actual creation of the pkg.

the mounting process is the same for all backup managers and for these container apps - the only thing distinguishing them are gimmicky features for organization.

How do these XMB shortcut containers differ from the BackUp Managers exactly..?

like whats the process that's taking place that makes it able to boot from the XMB instead of having a BM launch it..?

Are the EBOOT.BIN files in the BM's & these XMB containers essentially the same or what is it exactly that makes it possible so you can run a backup from either a BM or from a XMB container..?