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October 19, 2010 // 7:29 am - Here is my PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak clone PS3 modchip review, which I got from (linked above).

Shipping info:

The package was sent with DHL Express mail. Which means it can be all over the world in just 3-5 business days. The box was sealed with a lot of tape and the content comments were a little funny:

• 1x USB card reader PHAT usb

The package came through the customs without being opened or withdrawn. Payment is via CC and Paypal. If I have to believe were it is shipping from it comes from Hong Kong.

So I would say shipping is a big 9/10.

Package info:

The box around the PS3Break looks very similar to the PSJailbreak box. The sticker says PS3Break V1.1 (was the newest version, there is a version 1.2 coming soon!). There is also a "truth inquiry" sticker. There is a code on it and when I check it on the website it should say LEGIT.

When you open the box you'll find the PS3Break + a strap. It comes without any guaranty/manual enclosed. The manual can be found on the website.

It gets a 7/10. Minor here is the lack of a manual.

PS3Break unit itself:

The unit looks very strong and has an aluminum case. When you hold it the first thing you'll notice is the "upgrade" key. This is needed to flash the stick with a new HEX or Firmware. When I insert the PS3Break it fits like a glove. No problems there.

I tested this on a phat. When I power the PS3 up and immediately hit the eject button there is a small disco show inside the unit. Then it lights up green and your good to go. Although you need to power down the PS3 totally or else it will not work!

8/10 Down side is that it's very slippy...

PS3Break working itself:

When I started the unit it worked like a charm. I installed the AVCHD and Game Manager (by Dean). This also works like a charm. Backuping Start the Party took about 10 minutes. Running the game also gives no problems.

8/10 Again. The lack of a manual is still a - here.


Very nice and satisfying product. Only down side is they already made an "thirth GEN" device. So I have got the idea I am having an old stick soon here.

The review math:

9 + 7 + 8 + 8 = 32

32 / 40 * 100% = 80 total score.

PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak Clone PS3 ModChip Review

PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak Clone PS3 ModChip Review

PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak Clone PS3 ModChip Review

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#50 - p0tsm0ke - October 25, 2010 // 10:26 pm
p0tsm0ke's Avatar
I just got my self a bunch of the PS3 BREAK 1.2 and here is the break down on it.

the unit is a PIC18F with a upgrade button in a blue shell usb pen drive looking case.

Pro's - the shell on the usb device is nice and has a nice grip, u can tell that you are getting a real deal device from a company because of the truth label on the front of it

con - the code is a PIC18F , The upgrade of the unit can be a bit hassling I say this because I tested it a few times with a few of the devices and it was the same deal over and over. the first time I pluged in the unit to the pc it flashed no problem and did the verify with out a problem but when I did it again with all the devices I have it would sit on the verify and never move so i would have to unplug the unit from pc and redo the flashing and verify again and hope it worked that time most of the time it did.

score = 6 out of 10
Worth buying = NO

Overall i would get a better unit for half the price. like a PS3USBJAILBREAK for $8.99 off sites out there alot better then this crappy device

#49 - SaveU - October 21, 2010 // 7:26 pm
SaveU's Avatar
Great update from ps3break. My Ps3break v1.1 just showed up today. Upgraded right away with the 1.5b hex.

Played Battlefield Bad Company2 and Fallout New Vegas fine from internal with OM 1.7.2

#48 - mod632 - October 21, 2010 // 1:23 pm
mod632's Avatar
hell yea!! awesome news guys, will update in sec.

i just hope its the real v4b not buggy v4 that was released

#47 - modmate - October 21, 2010 // 12:54 pm
modmate's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by retro2000 View Post
new hex with hermes v4 is finally available from ps3break site

Finally they update their hex files... Now it working fine with updates etc. MOH also runs fine.

Greets Modmate

#46 - retro2000 - October 21, 2010 // 7:49 am
retro2000's Avatar
new hex with hermes v4 is finally available from ps3break site

#45 - mod632 - October 20, 2010 // 11:37 pm
mod632's Avatar
Wow that is pretty cool, and thanks very much for posting this.

But i never tried hex editing or something like that (i'm total noob on this), if someone who know more could try and make hex v4b for ps3break that would be awesome.

thanks again for help.

#44 - SaveU - October 20, 2010 // 10:57 pm
SaveU's Avatar
Are you saying that we can use any hex on our PIC break devices by following that tutorial?

Mine is still in the mail, but I have a ps3break v1.1 on the way.

Thats great.

#43 - B4rtj4h - October 20, 2010 // 10:07 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
1. READ this:

2. DO as told

3. Profit ^^

#42 - FreelanceGuru - October 20, 2010 // 7:50 pm
FreelanceGuru's Avatar
There is NO compatible break Hermes 4/4b HEX for PIC break devices yet! Of course the PIC 2550 & 4550's are working, that was done by INSANE which many know don't work on the breakk v1.1 devises

If you actually learned how to read... and read the few posts only a page ago you would realize we are only talking about the PS3Break PIC, not other PIC devices which clearly have it and ppl are trying to flash the other PIC HEX's to the Break v1.1

#41 - mod632 - October 20, 2010 // 7:25 pm
mod632's Avatar
that really sucks, i want to try MOH and EA MMA but now i cant since no V4 for break yet.

but i really hope they will release it soon.

btw there are hex v4 for PIC chipset like picgroove (something like that) that have v4 and someone said that there is no yet v4 for pic? lol