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September 20, 2010 // 2:01 pm - Today stoker25 has released a PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor. The registry file (xRegistry.sys) is located in dev_flash2/etc/ and a backup located in dev_flash/etc/backup.

Download: PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor v0.7 / PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor v0.75

To quote: PS3 JailBreak is awesome, especially because it works on my phone decided to tinker with some of the PS3?s files, xRegistry.sys in particular because it holds important things like debug mode switches and bluray/dvd region, along with your PSN login details (unencrypted!) and other little tidbits.

v0.7 changelog:

+ Changed the setting label to readonly textbox
+ Added trimming of null bytes to setting values
+ Added Wikitext exporting (not much info)
+ Added text file exporting (loads of info)
* Fixed a bug on the first entry, i don't think it needs to be loaded, so that fixes it

v0.75 changelog:
+ Sortable columns
+ Integers are now output as hex
+ Added a check to make sure file is loaded to everything
+ Added Halp! menu for some things people might not know about

PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor is Released

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#62 - plasma33 - November 29, 2014 // 6:45 am
plasma33's Avatar
nice thread but can't save changes through xregistry editor.. does anyone facing the same problem i have...

#61 - etelefonomicasa - November 6, 2010 // 8:54 am
etelefonomicasa's Avatar
hi, somebody has try to change in setting/user/0000001/npaccount/accountid ?

by a value like "1214b67g1d57l35d" = 31 32 31 34 62 36 37 67 31 64 35 37 6c 33 35 64 hex

Maybe it's a solution for people who has ACCOUNT_ID like 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 and they can not load copy protect saves, because they can not change the ACCOUNT_ID from the save that they have downloaded.

(sorry for my bad english )

Edit: Last night I have time, and i tried but it doesn't work. I have and account with id 00 00 00 00... i changed the value and when i started ps3 there was 80028C0B error. i tried to make a save but this save was with 00 00 00...

#60 - hacked2123 - October 30, 2010 // 4:15 am
hacked2123's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PatricF View Post
So there is no way for a region unlock/change?

I got a EU version and the complete Lost collection in Blu-Ray and I could only play season 1 and 2 then the other seasons are region locked for US

I don't know what the legal system is like in EU, but you always use Usenet/Newsgroups to obtain a "backup" of the video found on your Lost Blurays. MKV is very nice, and with FTP all you'll need to do to get it to work is convert the audio container on each episode... I think.

#59 - Malax - October 30, 2010 // 3:09 am
Malax's Avatar
Anyone done any more tinkering with this? I'm stuck on a special demonstration firmware which updates from different places than the standard retail ones.

I'd love to be able to edit a registry value and make it look for a regular sony update from a disc or something.

#58 - dmitlee - October 23, 2010 // 8:27 pm
dmitlee's Avatar
i have tried to connect vga with blaze but green color is very high!!

i have the blaze vga adaptor too... and have ps3 jail breaked on 3.41 not dangerous? touch nand flash?

i want to connect vga with blaze... help me plz!! sorry i can not speak in english very well...

#57 - CodeKiller - October 15, 2010 // 1:31 pm
CodeKiller's Avatar
Just fiddled a bit with registry, and found out about a little about the video output setting:
(i have a fat 60gb PAL model so this is mainly for PAL models)
!!! Don't forget the leading 0-s, so if i write '5' it means '00000005' !!!

display/0/type -- the output type
5: RGB/scart output / also use this, if you have ps2-linux-vga/blaze-vga-adapter adapter and use with standard analog monitor
3: yuv/component output for hdtv sets -- there is a d-sub in the menu but who the ... thought to use yuv to vga (d-sub connector) monitors??

display/0/modeid -- output resolution
101: on every setup means (?) composite video output (576i 4:3) -- fail safe for all
505: 576i 4:3 video
f0f: 576p 16:9 output -- default max allowed rgb out
2525: 720p hdtv (16:9) output

and you can vary the above setting with each other

to apply these modes, you need to reboot your ps3..

the list is not complete, but now i can finally use my monitor at glorious 720p only with blaze-vga-adapter No need for $100+ craps to translate yuv to rgb :P

If you like me and have 4:3 monitors, you should adjust the picture size on monitor -- but with horizontal black bars still looks much better than 576p 4:3 ... even the 576p 16:9 better then 4:3 /but ex: fallout3 doesn't support it/

#56 - Testo - October 10, 2010 // 2:32 pm
Testo's Avatar
Hey guys,

For some experiments I need the xRegistry.sys from a 60gb PS3 with FW 3.41 the region doesn't matters.

#55 - ChoCoCo - October 9, 2010 // 11:01 am
ChoCoCo's Avatar
No changing the region values in the registry, doesn't change the region.

Actually only Season 3 & 4 from Lost Complete Collection are region locked.

#54 - PatricF - October 9, 2010 // 10:35 am
PatricF's Avatar
So there is no way for a region unlock/change?

I got a EU version and the complete Lost collection in Blu-Ray and I could only play season 1 and 2 then the other seasons are region locked for US

#53 - PARDES - October 3, 2010 // 10:56 am
PARDES's Avatar
I use WinXP Proffesional, and the registry editor dosent start up, the error code is 0x0000135 what is this mean ?