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February 12, 2010 // 9:22 pm - We are happy to report that the PS3 Hypervisor LV1 and Bootloader LV0 are dumped from the PlayStation 3's RAM after getting our SX28 Hardware a few days ago, utilizing code for glitching and mashing buttons for hours - the exploit eventually will get triggered!

We tried a few different ways to dump out the real memory - the biggest "problem" was the fact that you can't just simply use File I/O code in a kernel module. Furthermore, you can't call the lv1_peek function from user mode either.

Luckily, resident DEV kakarotoks was up to the challenge. After some trial and error (and too many PS3 crashes!) he made a kernel module which maps the "real" PS3 memory to a device in /proc. The /proc area lets the kernel and userland interact some.

Basically, the device /proc/ps3_hv_mem is created when the kernel module is inserted. Once it is inserted, you can use dd to read the device. By doing this, the device gets passed arguments, which is passed along to lv1_peek - which in turns reads out the real memory.

Be advised, don't go beyond the PS3's upper memory limit. At around 260MB, the PS3 tends to crash - it does not like trying to read beyond RAM limits! So, for usage:

First, run the exploit, and get it triggered and working - that's the hard part!

Next, download the attached file, inside are three files, a Makefile, the ps3_hv_mem.c and a pre-compiled version. Stick these in a folder, and run make. It will then compile a kernel module for you (ps3_hv_mem.ko, or use the pre-compiled one). Then simply type: sudo insmod ps3_hv_mem.ko

Enter your password and check /proc for a ps3_hv_mem entry, or your dmesg. If it is there - let the dumping begin!

You can dump out the PS3 Hypervisor and Bootloader (and the rest of the real memory) via dd. You can use the command:

dd if=/proc/ps3_hv_mem of=PS3_Memory_Dump.bin bs=1024 count=10K

That command will dump out 10485760 bytes, or about 10MB - which nicely includes the goodies like LV0 and LV1. Finally, you can also increase the count, which will increase the amount dumped (multiply by blocksize).

PS3 Hypervisor and Bootloader Dumped from RAM and More!

PS3 Hypervisor and Bootloader Dumped from RAM and More!

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#129 - PS4 News - February 16, 2010 // 6:10 am
PS4 News's Avatar
OK, moving discussion to this thread:

#128 - r3pek - February 15, 2010 // 6:52 pm
r3pek's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Wonderkik View Post
We speak about Custom FirmWare since the PSP days, but maybe we'll soon speak about Custom HyperVisor. ^^

I'm just waiting to see if a change on the hypervisor code on memory done in Linux, persists if you boot to GameOS.

#127 - SiZMiK - February 15, 2010 // 6:27 pm
SiZMiK's Avatar
Well done CJPC and whoever else was involved. I cant wait to hear what becomes of this!

#126 - zangetsu1 - February 15, 2010 // 5:20 pm
zangetsu1's Avatar
That's very funny indeed... it's makes a lot of sense to lable it that way..

Can't wait to fill up my 1TB HD with my purchased games since PS1..

#125 - Wonderkik - February 15, 2010 // 5:04 pm
Wonderkik's Avatar
We speak about Custom FirmWare since the PSP days, but maybe we'll soon speak about Custom HyperVisor. ^^

#124 - Siggy12 - February 15, 2010 // 3:09 pm
Siggy12's Avatar
as far as I know we can READ now but also WRITE so... I think that the reverse enginnering on the Hypervisor is for understand how it work and will be the start point for create a new homemade version of the hypervisor that allow us to have the FULL CONTROL of the PS3.

#123 - Hortlo - February 15, 2010 // 2:40 pm
Hortlo's Avatar
I've been wondering that as well to be honest. They were very well respected in the scene and just disappeared after a few ps3 iso releases. Read their NFO's for details..

#122 - Wonderkik - February 15, 2010 // 2:00 pm
Wonderkik's Avatar
I'd like to know too about Paradox. After all, they seemed close to success (didn't they even claimed that it worked on every but European Ps3s?) and suddenly stopped any news... After all, they never showed any proof (correct me if I'm wrong) but as they are a well-known Hacking group we all trusted them. Could we call that the first Ps3 hoax? ^^

I'm sure a hole will be found. I don't know for sure, but I think that every system has it's weaknesses. The more complex a system is, the more likely it is to have flaws, isn't it?

#121 - bigdave898 - February 15, 2010 // 1:21 pm
bigdave898's Avatar
Think we'll be able to play Dreamcast? Original XBox? N64?

#120 - Whistler - February 15, 2010 // 12:03 pm
Whistler's Avatar
What really happened to Paradox's hack? Did Sony patch it up or did they get a visit from dudes with black suites who told them to keep quiet?