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242w ago - Update: AVCHD and Game Manager (by Dean) [20101015-202531] is now available, with the changes posted HERE.

Here is my latest release of OBM that is now PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager, which for those who haven't been following is an Open Backup Manager modification for JailBreak users on the PlayStation 3 console.

Download: PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean

Its features include (among the regular stuff):

• User configurable options.ini (for game backup/search paths)
• Copy/backup progress bar
• Copy/backup speed improvement
• Test game major speed improvement
• AVCHD content management

Finally, some screen pics are below. Enjoy!


PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean Arrives

PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean Arrives

PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean Arrives

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#405 - PS4 News - 241w ago
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Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post

Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
Thanks Dean. I think that is better if you close this thread and use only the other.

OK we'll close this up and people can use the subforum deanrr linked to now, at least until the next big release that we'll post in the news.

#404 - FMAranda - 241w ago
FMAranda's Avatar
Thanks Dean. I think that is better if you close this thread and use only the other.

#403 - deank - 241w ago
deank's Avatar
Just try again I was updating the links when you tried.

#402 - asakopowa - 241w ago
asakopowa's Avatar
Thank you Dean, i try to download it , Invalid link...

#401 - deank - 241w ago
deank's Avatar
Ok guys... Check the subforum which I'll use from now on.

#400 - farenheit - 241w ago
farenheit's Avatar
^I agree. I think its overkill and more work looking for covers etc...

I prefer simple'ness but everyone is entitled to their opinion and views.

#399 - d3adliner - 241w ago
d3adliner's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Amoebiuss613 View Post
Also, thanks for the info d3adliner, but I meant also that the part with the covers should look more like this.

I'm not a fan whatsoever of cover only layouts. I like having the text on-screen along with the front cover - like the default layout for USBLoader GX. I especially don't like the full cover view & I'd much rather keep the list than only having 4-5 titles on screen at a time with the cover only view. Too much to scroll through and not as easy to find what you're looking for. Also looks much too gimmicky for my likings.

#398 - iFirre - 241w ago
iFirre's Avatar
I just stumble upon this Manager and it look really interesting. But before i install, i just need to figure out which folder option it uses? OMAN? LAUN? or does it use some other one?

#397 - Amoebiuss613 - 241w ago
Amoebiuss613's Avatar
Deanrr, just a question about the file manager.

I usually backup a game to the HDD using a backup manager, then transfer it using 'Comgenie Awesome Filemanager v0.06' to an external USB HDD. Now if a game has a file bigger than 4gig, it splits it automatically. Then of course if I want to play that game I copy it back from external to internal.

So my question is does your file manager combine files together from the external to internal ?


#396 - muny21 - 241w ago
muny21's Avatar
it is looking real nice dean. keep up the good work. one request for the file manager. please add a page up and down option when scrolling through the files. that is the one thing that i hate about cromgenies file manager. you have to scroll through each and ever item on the list. it is annoying. so something that would skip like every five items or so would be great. thanks.