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October 7, 2010 // 7:06 pm - Previously it was reported that PSGroove improvements would soon allow it to support all PS3 Firmware versions, and today the official PS JailBreak site reports that they also plan to support all PS3 Firmware versions and that PS3 Backup Manager v1.1 is destined to arrive shortly after October 20th and include some new features.

To quote: "We have now shipped all our loyal dealers and we assure you, the wait has been worthwhile. We apologize for the delay of the support we promised, but it is indeed coming.

We will officially be releasing our support for new firmwares by October 20th, and Backup Manager v1.1 a few days after. It will have all the features that clone makers have been providing, along with some new ones that will blow you all away.

As mentioned in previous news updates, we are still receiving large amounts of mail about our high price compared to our competition, so we will reiterate. Clones are low quality, have high defect rates and will only work on firmware 3.41.

So for all you dealers out there, why buy a product that limits your market? Ours allows you to distribute to all end users and provides your clients with more options."

PS JailBreak Soon to Support All PS3 Firmware, BM 1.1 Incoming

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#53 - metagondria - October 10, 2010 // 5:01 pm
metagondria's Avatar
I dont understand everyboddy is upset about the price of the JB device.

I admit, its a bit an steep price given the fact sony already blocked it by another firmware update they force upon us so that we still can acces psn or have online play.

But think about it, while it seems to be allot of money think of the many if not all the game backups you probebly havent payed for and just have downloaded (and be honest here, we all have walked the thin line here regarding this)

Too bad the downside of all this you have to resist the adicted online play for which you have to update to 3.50 to make it work !!

Alternatives like Xlink kai SUCKS BIG time !! Almost no player online, not a lot of games are supported etc etc....!!

#52 - rippchen - October 10, 2010 // 12:15 pm
rippchen's Avatar
does anybody know how to flash these "original" PSJailbreaks, i mean those without the hole? they say to bridge the two testpoints near the usbconnector but there are no testpoints. do they mean to open it? mine is glued at the end so nogo.

when i stick it to the pc the green and red light shines but they don't stop and windows don't recognize any new hardware.

#51 - ps3Freedom - October 10, 2010 // 11:43 am
ps3Freedom's Avatar
Thanks, i hope that the update comes soon.

#50 - waleed - October 10, 2010 // 10:45 am
waleed's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Pastapipo View Post
I'm waiting for an online option, Hope they pull that one out soon.

xlink kai, many people use it now.

#49 - Pastapipo - October 10, 2010 // 10:39 am
Pastapipo's Avatar
I'm waiting for an online option, Hope they pull that one out soon.

#48 - Slashmolder - October 10, 2010 // 1:21 am
Slashmolder's Avatar
It's funny that they think they can get away with charging high prices like they still have a monopoly.

#47 - miccy - October 9, 2010 // 4:14 pm
miccy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Preceptor View Post
Mate, I know all you said is true but I really really hope psjailbreak team is bluffing... The cat and mouse game can't escalate that quickly or we all gonna lose. Sony just released TWO firmware upgrades and the psjailbreak team is already going to lose another exploit? Wait another year or so before releasing it. 95% of all ps3 are still below 3.42 so why do that?

95%?? You mean millions of PS3 users have jailbreak their PS3? 3.50 has a 3D support and besides some new games are reportedly only to work with the new firmware.

#46 - tragedy - October 9, 2010 // 8:37 am
tragedy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by 51N15T3R View Post
I've heard someone say that the way Sony patched the jb was that they may have disabled the usb detection as soon as the PS3 boots and a few seconds later (maybe once the xmb loads then it scans for usb devices). This would break the jb method, so then that means that Sony either has another way to re-flash dead PS3s or they had to make all new jig devices for all service centers.

It's unlikely Sony would have done this, tbh. After the public analysis of how the exploit works, Sony just had to change the behaviour of any of the attack vectors, e.g. if the device isn't a jig device, clearing the descriptor immediately and treating it as disconnected; ensuring the jig is directly plugged into the PS3, not through a hub; and perhaps the simplest fix is just to fix the particular bug that's exploited - so that a 0 sized allocation doesn't cause the memory allocator to fail.

It's possible the 3.42 was a quick fix that temporarily disabled the jig, but I'm sure they spent some of the 2 weeks between 3.42 and 3.50 looking at the jig system thoroughly to work out how it could be restored with the security it was supposed to have. But they shuoldn't ever have a reason to ever stop the jig working altogether unless someone figured out how to emulate one (which is not how psjailbreak works) as like the hypervisor, the security mechanisms were well designed.

#45 - hayman - October 9, 2010 // 8:36 am
hayman's Avatar
i'll still with my n900 that cost nothing untill 20 oct, and if it really hack the 3.50 firmware, and other clone not, than i'll buy one cus i really need the 3D BD support..

#44 - drumguy560 - October 9, 2010 // 6:15 am
drumguy560's Avatar
I agree that this seems to be a case of "the jailbreak manufacturer that cried wolf". However, as someone somewhat stated before me, as long as there is a debug jib, there will always be a USB way to jailbreak the system. Chances are that Sony moved the memory offset used to put the system into dev/debug mode in order to patch the JB. Even if the USB IS restricted to purely Sony authored devices, I'm sure someone will come along with a way to emulate that.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this mode necessary for the repair terminals? Sony would have a heck of a time repairing consoles if there was no way to put them into debug or dev mode, or so it would seem. If this is true, there is no reason that they could not find the right memory offset used in 3.50 and beyond. It is reasonable to believe that there is a jailbreak possible, but that Sony has more cleverly disguised it this time around.

However, as previous users have noted, the PSJailbreak team was the first to get it done. Whether or not they based it off of GH's exploit is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that if there IS a debug jig still in use, there will be an exploit available.

This could've been nonsense... If so, please hate me.