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New PS3 Exploits to be Unveiled at 27C3 Hacker Conference 2010

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219w ago - Update: The 27C3 PS3 Hacker Conference date has been changed to 12/29 as reported HERE, with live streams available HERE for those interested.

At this years 27C3 (Chaos Communication Congress) Hacker Conference on December 28 videogame console hackers marcan, bushing, and sven will be lecturing on the recently hacked PS3 system and plan to share a some new exploits details as well!

From PSGroove (linked above): In addition to PS3 security, the lecture will also touch on other consoles, such as the Xbox 360 and Wii.

"We will also go over hacks for the other consoles, including the JTAG hack for the Xbox 360 which made running homebrew code more convenient, and the cat-and-mouse games that Nintendo played with us to combat Wii hacks. We might also check out the security of their 'new' handheld console - the DSi."

For those of you unfamiliar with the Chaos Communication Congress, it is an annual meeting of the international hacker scene, organized by the Chaos Computer Club. The congress features a variety of lectures and workshops on technical and political issues.

The event has been the host to many important hacking related talks over the past 27 years. Including, the first example of Homebrew code being run in native Wii mode which was demonstrated in December 2007.

For those of you planning to attend, the event is located in Berlin, Germany at the Berlin Berliner Congress Center. The event will run from December 27-30th 2010. A Standard ticket, which is good for the entire 4-day event, will set you back 70 Euros.

Fort those of you just looking to attend the console hacking lecture, a day pass can be had for just 30 Euros. Details, regarding the console hacking lecture, can be found below.

Console Hacking 2010

PS3 Epic Fail

Over 70 million Wiis, over 40 million Xbox 360s and over 35 million Playstation 3s have been sold in the last few years. That makes over 145 million embedded devices out there and most of them are just used to play games.

But what can you do with them if you don't like playing games? You hack them to make them run your own code of course! We're going to talk about the various hacks that you can use to gain control of your hardware and make it do what you want it to do.

2010 saw the first hacks for the Playstation 3, soon after Sony removed Other OS functionality. We will detail the operation of current PS3 exploits, show a few new ones and explain where and how Sony went wrong when designing its security system, and show how these holes can be used to gain control over the system and bring Linux back to the PS3.

We will also go over hacks for the other consoles, including the JTAG hack for the Xbox 360 which made running homebrew code more convenient, and the cat-and-mouse games that Nintendo played with us to combat Wii hacks. We might also check out the security of their 'new' handheld console - the DSi.

Gamers might find this talk interesting even though it is targeted at those who hack (or design) embedded system security. A basic knowledge of crypto is therefore assumed. We will also be present in the Hackcenter before and after the presentation for those of you who are interested in learning more.

27th Chaos Communication Congress
December 27th to 30th, 2010
bcc Berliner Congress Center, Berlin, Germany

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#42 - PS4 News - 218w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Please resume discussion in our ongoing thread here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-hacks/fail0verflow-27c3-ps3-exploit-hacker-conference-2010-highlights-116454.html

#41 - j0hnny - 218w ago
j0hnny's Avatar
live stream: http://wmv.27c3.fem-net.de/saal1

#40 - Transient - 218w ago
Transient's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
well if it's true, and I'm not home to mess up the pic with photoshop...

I gather this is what it says... the rest is too blurry.

smells fake, since the pic looks like crap specially for a conference presentation.

Hmm, this is what I see for the menu options, but it's mostly a guess:

-> Backup ??????
Back to XMB

The third option might say Region.

#39 - FMAranda - 218w ago
FMAranda's Avatar
Yes, me too, this still a rumor for me!

Who's ready for tomorrow?

#38 - atlask2 - 218w ago
atlask2's Avatar
Just wait 18hours and you 'll be fix ! Logic Sunrise = X3 Max

So i prefer to consider that just like a rumor.

Wait & see.

#37 - SwordOfWar - 218w ago
SwordOfWar's Avatar
This is a pretty blurry picture. You would think that if someone wanted to show something it would at least be readable.

Stick to what we always stick to "Fake until proven real".

On the other hand, since tomorrow is Wednesday none of this really matters because we will soon see exactly what is shown at CCC.

#36 - Warrorar - 218w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
i can remember that many people also called the jig kick some months ago "fake" and things like the PSJailbreak. and now it is the most used exploit ever.

because nobody can say for sure that it is a fake, everyone should think about using the word fake.


#35 - Mbb - 218w ago
Mbb's Avatar
Thanks to barbnjason for the times

#34 - B4rtj4h - 218w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Fake... I do not believe there is such a thing.

#33 - aamir007 - 218w ago
aamir007's Avatar
The 27th Chaos Communication Congress is finally here and for those unable to actually go you can enjoy it by watching it in the comfort of your home thanks to a live feed set up. For those interested the link is: http://saal1.h264.27c3.fem-net.de/

There are many different events running throughout the day in 3 different conference rooms and feeds untill the 30th Dec about different topics and issues, the main event for most people on this forum is the Console 2010 Hacking section which doesn't start till 16:00 tomorrow the 29th which will be on Saal 1.

For a schedule of whats on and who's speaking visit http://events.ccc.de/congress/2010/Fahrplan/index.en.html.


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