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December 13, 2010 // 12:02 am - PS3 Developers JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma have brought another way to enable writing to the PS3's /dev_flash partition by mirroring it to /dev_Alejandro.

This follows in line with nr4u's Flash Loader, which itself was a successor of JaicraB's USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.3 - but in a more compact, stripped down version.

Download: Mount Alejandro

To quote (via Spanish to English translation):

FLASH Write Enable:

This application allows the mounting of the unit / dev_Alejandro. This unit is a mirror of the unit / dev_flash, with this active alike.

Unit / dev_flash no writeable useful to read as the old way, but the new SI is writable.

This is why we are not responsible for any misuse that may be made this application, the method used, etc. As end users ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF THE SOFTWARE WILL you do ON YOUR MACHINE!

Taken into account before trying to manipulate the firmware, XML files, etc.

Happy Xmax!

JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma

P.S Why the name of Alexander? Who knows, maybe it has something to do with any of us ...

Mount Alejandro: PS3 Homebrew - Write to Dev Flash

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#215 - FMAranda - December 16, 2010 // 1:10 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
Hey, i don't know if you already find something to your E3, but this thread can help you. If is not this payload that you want, search for it and do the same process.

#214 - DNR8 - December 16, 2010 // 2:01 am
DNR8's Avatar
still no luck wont boot n4ru with the hermes v4 and it won't boot this cus it spoofs 3.55?

since people are too scared to do it i am !!! i'm gonna see if the PS3 can have some certain files the PSP has such as a few Boot sounds lets wait and see if it accepts them then i'll post an update with vid.

#213 - FMAranda - December 16, 2010 // 1:25 am
FMAranda's Avatar
I don't know a better thread for this, but you can find something here.

#212 - DNR8 - December 16, 2010 // 1:23 am
DNR8's Avatar
can you point me in the right direction im using E3

#211 - FMAranda - December 16, 2010 // 1:21 am
FMAranda's Avatar
DNR8 You have to use a payload with peek and poke (Hermes V4B and PL3 Dev).

#210 - DNR8 - December 16, 2010 // 12:20 am
DNR8's Avatar
Hmm why is it when i launch N4RUs program it goes black then exits to XMB ? i want to test this as well

#209 - barrybarryk - December 15, 2010 // 1:33 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
Could this method be used to redirect the mount locations of the PS1 & PS2 discs to survive the soft reset that happens when they are launched?

I was going to try but couldn't find the source and I'm stuck in work for the next few hours would this work?

1. ftp an extracted PS1 game to a random folder on the HDD
2. insert a legit PS1 game (different from the ftp'd game)
3. use the same redirection method alejandro uses on dev_flash pointing the PS1 CD mount location to the ftp'd PS1 game
4. launch the PS1 Disc in the xmb and, in theory anyway, it should launch the backed up PS1 game

No idea if it will work or not just the quickest way I can think of to test it.

#208 - flipperone - December 14, 2010 // 8:08 pm
flipperone's Avatar
when you able debug settings on 3.41?

#207 - cfwprophet - December 14, 2010 // 4:23 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Gunner54 View Post
The application checks if your console is Debug or Retail. It also makes sure its FW 3.41. Obviously using the spoof it will think its 3.50.

I don't think that it is a check cause you can patch every app to run on debug unit. Doing this with hex edit and its only a flag. Just change a 1 to 0. There for its more a setting then a check.Its set to run on debug unit or not.

#206 - xaxaxaxa - December 14, 2010 // 4:22 pm
xaxaxaxa's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
that didn't work for me when using blackb0x. Oh well, guess i just gotta wait for a new version.

You can use the legal FTP app, it shows dev Alejandro in any FTP client.