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Gamezplorer Backup Manager File Explorer & SFO Utility Arrives

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237w ago - Today neofar of Spanish site Elotrolado.net (linked above) has shared a PS3 homebrew application called Gamezplorer Backup Manager, which is a combination File Explorer and SFO utility to manage PlayStation 3 game backups on an external drive.

Download: Gamezplorer Backup Manager

To quote, roughly translated: I'm developing a small utility to display the contents of the / gamez / in comodoa and without having to enter all the directories to find that each game is about or have prow there. Txt files to see the id of each game.

The post was to ask for suggestions... what else I can put in it... even thought to put a rating for games to be stored on a server so that people can see 'your backups' which are the best recognized.

First version available:

• Allows you to scan any hard disk
• 3 display modes
• Displays the file PARAM.SFO (still can not change anything)
• Shows what occupies each game

Future features:

• Allow to connect via FTP to manage the internal HDD
• Allow to modify PARAM.SFO (Remote play, possibly other things)
• Allow access to the games directory (where PSN games are downloaded)
• Allow access to the SAVES directory
• File management (copy, paste, delete, rename)

Gamezplorer Backup Manager File Explorer & SFO Utility Arrives

Gamezplorer Backup Manager File Explorer & SFO Utility Arrives

Gamezplorer Backup Manager File Explorer & SFO Utility Arrives

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#45 - a798167 - 19w ago
a798167's Avatar

#44 - DOOOOS - 19w ago
DOOOOS's Avatar

#43 - Inferis - 234w ago
Inferis's Avatar
This is looking pretty good! It seems every day I look on here there's something new that's pushing things even further!

#42 - iskj3098ias - 234w ago
iskj3098ias's Avatar
For those who use Gamezplorer Backup Manager by neofar, I made a small mod for it to work with the /GAMES folder.

#41 - venomous2005 - 236w ago
venomous2005's Avatar
Just wanted to help out those who may have ran into similar issues. If you have a game that is incapable of changing language through PS3 menus (Burnout Paradise Pal version as an example).

Follow this and it is should change dialogue and menus back to english. These 3 items need to be modified:

3-GAME_FOLDER (to BCUS98119)
as per instructions below

To unlock other languages (English), you have to change the game ID to BCUS98119.

1 - For this we use an application called PS3SFOEdit, execute the program and open the file inside the folder PS3_GAME \ PARAM.SFO
Then just change where it says Disc Title ID: put BCUS-98119, save the file.

2 - Now open Notepad and changed the PS3_DISC.SFB Disc Title ID for BCUS-98119.

3 - Then just create a folder on an external disk or transfer to internal GAMEZ folder (renamed BCUS98119 like usual)

Let me know if this fixes it. You should be able to apply this to other games as well to get whatever language u want out of them.

I do not take credit for this, Bishoff found it (i believe) anyways. If you take the Disc Title ID and change it (there's a whole list in the eboot file post) from PAL to the NTSC counterpart and in the PS3_DISC.SFB, and the folder directory it will change it to the desired language.

just wanted to help out if someone had this issue and wanted to give back to the community

#40 - PS4 News - 237w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by red8316 View Post
Got a video for those interested.

I have now added it to the first post- Thanks red8316.

#39 - red8316 - 237w ago
red8316's Avatar
Got a video for those interested.

#38 - oVERSoLDiER - 237w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Really great. Now he must implement something with trophy support but than the system must run on the newest Firm Ware. Should be a hard job to do.

Should be a problem with the letter coding like UTF-8 or something like that.

#37 - Hille - 237w ago
Hille's Avatar
Okay, thanks for the reply :]

#36 - Gunner54 - 237w ago
Gunner54's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Hille View Post
For some reason ™ shows up as ™

Can I remove the characters from the SFO file? Or will this cause the game to not start?

It's not any problem with the guys code. Its the PARAM.SFO. As you can see, the special Copyright and TM symbols require a special character behind them to make them visible on the PS3. All the guy has to do is to simply ignore that character.

View the PARAM.SFO in hex, you will understand what I mean.


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