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January 20, 2009 // 10:43 pm - Update #2: idone has made a handy PS3 USBLD Loader Tutorial for 60GB and 20GB for those having trouble.

Update: A Spanish video of it in action is now available in our Videos section.

Today Reflecter posted HERE news about PS3 USBLD Loader v0.1 by Ifcaro, which apparently allows those with a 60GB Japanese PS3 to run PS2 iSO images from an external USB HDD.

According to the included ReadMe file, a PAL version is expected to be released soon. It is reported to work on the latest PS3 Firmware, but it requires Swap Magic to load the ELF file.

Download: PS3 USBLD Loader v0.1 (Japanese Only)

From the ReadMe file:

USBLD Versión 0.1
Siiiiii, por fin ha funcionado XD
Proximamente en tu PS3 PAL...


+ Tener una copia del archivo USBD.IRX de sony entre la versión 0.13 a 0.17 en mc0:BEDATA-SYSTEM, mc0:BADATA-SYSTEM o mc0:BIDATA-SYSTEM

PS3 USBLD Loader v0.1 Released, PS2 iSOs on Japanese Consoles

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#85 - PS4 News - January 28, 2009 // 6:01 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Yep, v0.2 and v0.2b are already out and available here, so please continue all related discussion in this thread:

#84 - F4b10 - January 27, 2009 // 8:57 am
F4b10's Avatar
Great news for those who have PAL consoles, ifcaro is releasing today the version 0.2 of USBLD! the demonhades team is cleaning the program from some errors, but it should be ready today ol!

#83 - DarkArchon - January 27, 2009 // 3:15 am
DarkArchon's Avatar
Thanks for the reply aries, by removing the modules folder contents, my ps3 recognises the usb with MvC2 game on it. Although it does not boot into it, just has a black screen when loading it.

Good luck with the testing, i might wait this out until more news arises.

For those that have not had much luck with getting usbloader booting at all, make sure to copy the BEDATA-SYSTEM (or BADATA-SYSTEM for NTSC) over to the virtual memory card. I already had a version on there when i tried getting the SNES working awhile back and didnt bother replacing it, which caused problems.

Thanks, DA.

#82 - aries2k6 - January 26, 2009 // 9:44 pm
aries2k6's Avatar
DarkArchon, I'm pretty positive Usbloader will boot any region games.

I am once more optimistic that this will also function on PAL consoles. Using psxloader I was also able to detect the usb device and list the games on it. I had to delete all the irx files in the modules folder of psxloader. then used option E and it recognises the drive.

Thanks to the folks at Elotrolado for the tip and thanks again to frozen99 for 1st bringing it to my attention.

It still doesn't launch the game, just a black screen. I'm hoping that it's some kind of incompatibilty between Ifcaro's code and psxloader. Hopefully Hermes will share his code with Ifcaro and he can get Usb_loader to recognize the usb device without using psxloader. Then maybe everyone with a ps2 compatible ps3 can enjoy Usbloader.

Time to sit back and hope Ifcaro can code some magic.

lol, I'm stubborn so I'm going to test more games

#81 - DarkArchon - January 26, 2009 // 3:49 pm
DarkArchon's Avatar
Sorry if this has already been answered, but do the region restrictions still apply to the ps2 games on the hdd?
Good news for PAL users btw.

#80 - MinimalBoy - January 26, 2009 // 1:41 pm
MinimalBoy's Avatar
I try to swap original PS2 game with burned swap magic, and it didn't work! All my burned PS2 games works fine, but swap magic just dont start.

Can somebody with EU PS3, FW 2.60 and SM 3.6 (SCES_500.03) confirm that program working? I think sony can ban swap magic at all in Europe.

#79 - PS4 News - January 26, 2009 // 2:49 am
PS4 News's Avatar
For those interested, frozen99 has posted a PAL guide here:

#78 - Lesiroth - January 26, 2009 // 12:46 am
Lesiroth's Avatar
Yeah, I'm really hoping for a release that supports those without EE.. Is there a technical limitation why it can't?

Also, how good/bad is the compatibility for PS2 on the units without EE? The reason I mainly need it for is playing Persona 3 and 4

#77 - idone - January 25, 2009 // 2:54 am
idone's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by aries2k6 View Post
Thanks for getting in touch with Ifcaro through DemonHades. The chances were small that something similar could be causing the problem but you never know.

Well, here's hoping that a solution can be found.

np....but chances are looking grim for users without EE atm unfortunately...
Maybe some guru will step up and reverse usbadvance to help him, cuz i doubt the source code will surface...

#76 - aries2k6 - January 23, 2009 // 9:34 pm
aries2k6's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by idone View Post
thats not what he was posting about....

He is hopes there is a similar issue with usbadvance as with the app and code he linked to.

Ya, exactly, this wasn't a fix. It was just an example of certain code not running on ps3s without the EE chip.

Thanks for getting in touch with Ifcaro through DemonHades. The chances were small that something similar could be causing the problem but you never know.

Well, here's hoping that a solution can be found.