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May 12, 2010 // 4:03 am - It's been awhile since the previous update, but today Ifcaro has released Open PS2 Loader v0.7 for PS3 complete with Source Code.

For those unaware, this application allows for loading PS2 iSO images on PlayStation 3 consoles with PS2 support... meaning it must be a non-Slim PlayStation 3 model with (4) USB ports.

Download: Open PS2 Loader v0.7 for PS3 / Open PS2 Loader v0.7 Source Code

PS3 Open PS2 Loader Changelog v0.7:

• Improved network startups and various fixes
• Added internal HDD support (HDL format)
• Added the ability to choose the default menu (USB, NET, HDD games)
• Added the ability to use a valid disc ID for online games
• Added a fix for modchip freezing (maybe not all modchips)
• Many new game compatibility fixes
• Added IGR (In Game Reset) with a disable per game option
• Added Alphabetical Sorting
• Changed Settings categories
• Added page scrolling (R1/L1)
• Added support for user language files
• Network support added for PS3
• Zipped Theme support
• Added PCMCIA support for the 18K

Open PS2 Loader is a 100% open source game loader compatible with
USB Advance/Extreme game format. It's more compatible and it should work without ps2load or change DNASXXX.IMG tricks.

Open PS2 Loader also is developed continuously and anyone can contribute improvements to the project.

The main objective is to support both the PS2 and the PS3 with backward compatibility.

How to use:

First, you need an USB device compatible with PS2/PS3 formatted in FAT32 (only if you want to load games from USB).

For using games directly from USB, game parts file must be perfectly
defragmented, either file by file, either by whole drive.

You can use this great software, Power Defragmenter:

For loading games by SMB protocol you need to share a folder called PS2SMB (it can be changed) make sure that it has permissions for anyone to access. The games have to be in USB Advance/Extreme format.

There are some programs
for converting games to this format. Open PS2 Loader includes an command line tool for that purpose called iso2usbld. Other utilities are: USBUtil 2.0, USB Extreme installer or USB Insane.

In PS2 you can use any of the existing methods for loading an executable ELF.

In PS3 you need to have an original SwapMagic 3.6+ or 3.8 (at the moment there aren't any other option).

The steps for loading Open PS2 Loader in a PS3 are:

1. Rename OpenPS2LD.ELF to SMBOOT0.ELF
2. Make a folder in root of USB device called SWAPMAGIC and copy SMBOOT0.ELF to it.
3. Launch SwapMagic in PS3 and press UP+L1 then Open PS2 Loader should start.

Finally, there are 4 forms for launching ELFs in SwapMagic:


Open PS2 Loader v0.7 for PS3 with Source Code is Released

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#28 - PS4 News - December 9, 2010 // 8:20 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Resume discussion here:

#27 - jollof1 - July 24, 2010 // 1:36 pm
jollof1's Avatar
I have an EU 60gb PS3 with Swap Magic 3.8, I have followed the instructions in the guide...

1. Rename OpenPS2LD.ELF to SMBOOT0.ELF
2. Make a folder in root of USB device called SWAPMAGIC and copy SMBOOT0.ELF to it.

I have the ISO for DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, which I also put in the USB root, but upon loading the PS2 loader v0.7, it shows up as no games in the USB section, I also used the USBUtilv2.00 to split the game in parts, and it still won't show.

so can someone tell me in a step by step guide, how to make this work, if I did it wrong?

Edit: Never mind the previous message, I've already solved the problem, all games have to be in the root of the USB (next to the swap magic folder).

#26 - alphachrono - July 18, 2010 // 3:09 am
alphachrono's Avatar
I cannot get the Open PS2 Loader 0.7 to work. I can load the elf and see my PS2 backups on the list under USB. The problem is none of my games load properly.. it hangs on a yellow screen after switching a few colours.

I am using Swap Magic 3.6 + PS3 NTSC 60GB /w PS2 chip. I am testing games that load on PS3 USBLD 0.1 and work. Btw, I am testing the game DDR MAX2 that I ripped from my PS2 games.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I am out of ideas to try.

Thanks in advance.

#25 - anju jaya - May 29, 2010 // 4:21 am
anju jaya's Avatar
Using network connection (smb) is great for that!

I hasn't problem use swapmagic. Succesfull launch.

#24 - bootlegninja - May 20, 2010 // 6:47 am
bootlegninja's Avatar
for usb, using straight ISO's isn't feasable. The reason why is that the USB device must be formatted to FAT32. And the file size limit is 4GB. Best to use the USB Extreme installer or a program called USBUTIL (newest English version is 2.0) This way it installs the game in 1GB chunks (or less if the game has a bit over the last full GB.)

#23 - macsamilian - May 19, 2010 // 2:54 pm
macsamilian's Avatar
i have a 60gb 4 usb fat model pal and was wondering does it use just iso format and would a segate hdd work to store them on?

#22 - saviour07 - May 16, 2010 // 10:04 pm
saviour07's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
This would be nice if it would work on ps3s without backwards compatibility.

The thing is though, it is utilising the backward compatability part of the ps3 (whether it's a hardware enabled ps3 or the software emulated ps3's) to run a PS2 disc (swap magic).

No matter what they code in their releases, they just won't be able to make this run on new ps3's without B/C.

So right now, it just physically isn't possible for someone to allow this to run on consoles which don't have the B/C ability.

#21 - tjay17 - May 16, 2010 // 5:17 pm
tjay17's Avatar
This would be nice if it would work on ps3s without backwards compatibility.

#20 - mmanolos - May 16, 2010 // 4:45 pm
mmanolos's Avatar
Great work! I tried it on my PS2 and ran perfectly the game Fahrenheit from HDD without any additional configuration, that I couldn't run before with the last HDLoader or HDAdvance in any mode. I have to try yet the network feature.

Thank you very much!

#19 - bootlegninja - May 15, 2010 // 6:06 am
bootlegninja's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
I don't understand what the internal HDD option is for?

It's for Playstation 2 systems with internal hard drive capabilities like the version 1-11 and versions 12 and 13 with any of the current hard drive mods.
Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
How do I connect my ps2 hdd (formatted with hdadvance) to my ps3?

You don't.
Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
I see in the network settings option the ps2 side as well as the pc side...

It's there to load games on a remote NAS or PC using the SMB networking protocol.
Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
Do I have to connect my IDE PS2 hdd to my pc?

Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
I'm guessing then I wouldnt have to reinstall every game on a usb external?

I don't think I'll even attempt to answer this.