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207w ago - Today Scorpion posted a guide on how to unlock all Mortal Kombat PS3 DLC Klassic characters from the disc, and calmplex shared a PlayStation 3 GameSave which includes all the finishing moved unlocked as well.

Download: Mortal Kombat PS3 DLC Unlock Mod / Mortal Kombat PS3 DLC Unlock Mod (Mirror) / Mortal Kombat PS3 DLC Unlock Mod Fix (BLUS30522 and BLES01132) / MK PS3 GameSave (BLUS 30522 MK9 PSET) / MK PS3 GameSave (BLUS 30522 MK9 PSET) (Mirror)

Password: Scorpion2k7

Mortal Kombat PS3 DLC Unlock by Scorpion2k7


  • Scorpion Classic Mk1 - Fatality: (jump): down, up, up, Front Punch (triangle)
  • SubZero Classic Mk1 - Fatality: (close): forward, down, forward, Front Punch (triangle)
  • Reptile Classic Mk1 - Fatality: (jump): back, back, forward, down, Block (R2)
  • Ermac Classic Mk1
  • Jade Classic Mk3
  • Kitana Classic Mk3
  • Mileena Classic Mk3

Finally, from calmplex: Here's my gamesave for whoever wants it. All finishing moves unlocked and listed in each characters move list, 100% krypt unlocked, all character endings unlocked, all tower level unlocked, all alternates unlocked including Mileena toilet paper wrapped and Retros.

Guide to Unlock All Mortal Kombat PS3 DLC Klassic Characters

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#65 - tekno88 - 17w ago
tekno88's Avatar
Thanks a lot!

#64 - eriond - 17w ago
eriond's Avatar
looks interesting, thanks

#63 - KinoEHH - 17w ago
KinoEHH's Avatar
Awesome... IT WORKED!

Anyone know where I should put the pkg files after i finish?

#62 - phenonix - 17w ago
phenonix's Avatar

#61 - xxnemesisxx - 18w ago
xxnemesisxx's Avatar
Nice work

#60 - derikbg - 23w ago
derikbg's Avatar
Nice, Thanks!!

#59 - Asaf - 24w ago
Asaf's Avatar
thanks man

#58 - dawido119 - 24w ago
dawido119's Avatar
Thank you. I need that

#57 - andaugusto21 - 24w ago
andaugusto21's Avatar
thank you

#56 - xanctus - 25w ago
xanctus's Avatar
Thank you!


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