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January 29, 2009 // 8:29 am - Sony's PlayStation 3 sold less in the third quarter of 2008 (ie. the Oct-Dec holiday season) than in 2007, but the strength of the console's earlier sales did it proud, shipping 10.77 million in 2008 (up from 2007's 8.85 million).

In contrast, Microsoft's Xbox 360 had a huge holiday season, shipping around 6 million consoles worldwide (a record for the Xbox), but had a weaker sales period earlier in the year: the playing field has been levelled.

The PlayStation 3 shipped around 10.77 million and the Xbox 360 also shipped 10.8 million: a dead heat. As for life-time sales, the Xbox 360 is at 28.45 million and the PlayStation 3 at 21.35 million - a slightly tighter gap than Microsoft's announced 8 million.

On average the PlayStation 3 has sold 2.37 million units per quarter, in comparison to the Xbox 360's 2.18 million. Still without a PS3 price cut, Microsoft's console will surely pull away in 2009.

As for Nintendo's Wii, it's solidified first place by selling an outstanding 4.99 million units per quarter. Find the numbers below:

SHIPPED Q3 2008 (Oct-Dec 2008)

PlayStation 3: 4.46m
Wii: 10.42m
Xbox 360: 6.0m
PlayStation 2: 2.52m
NDS: 11.89m
PSP: 5.08m


PlayStation 3: 10.77m
Wii: 24.84m
Xbox 360: 10.8m
PlayStation 2: 8.88m
NDS: 31.43m
PSP: 15.39m


PlayStation 3: 21.35m
Wii: 44.97m
Xbox 360: 28.45m
PlayStation 2: 138.15m
NDS: 96.22m
PSP: 51.26m

Sony PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 Worldwide Sales Equal in 2008

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#1 - saviour07 - January 29, 2009 // 4:16 pm
saviour07's Avatar
looking at the lifetime sales, i can see the nds over taking the ps2 as the best selling console of all time tbh.
its about 40mill behind? and its lifetime isnt near up yet (NDSi release)

ps2 was a great console and when its lifetime is up, im sure the community will defo have some good memories to share lol