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September 13, 2008 // 2:08 pm - Sad story. In 2007, Russell Bramlage killed his parents, Dr. Terry Bramlage and Lynda Bramlage, after they confronted him when he stole two cheques from them.

Shot them both in the back, with a shotgun, in cold blood. Three days after the murders, seemingly without a care in the world, he cashed one of the cheques in and bought... an original Xbox.

Bramlage was later arrested by police, and pleaded guilty to murder charges, for which he'll face up to 20 years in prison without parole.

Man Steals Cheque, Kills Parents, Buys XBox

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#2 - Exit24 - September 15, 2008 // 12:08 pm
Exit24's Avatar
that is really messed up!

#1 - lanhikari - September 15, 2008 // 5:40 am
lanhikari's Avatar
Hahaha this kid is a complete moran he deserves to be in jail. Poor parents..